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Some books may not be appropriate for children, young teens, or meet with the blog authors approval.  If you think any of these books does not meet our standards, you can contact us at thedestinyofone(at)yahoo(dot)come.

HAR = Homeschool Author Review

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Adams, Gillian

  1. Orphan’s Song
  2. Out of the Darkness Rising
Allady, Meredith
(historical fiction)
  1. Letters from Bath; Or, a Friend in Exile (Merriweather Chronicles, Prequel)  HAR
  2. Friendship and Folly (Merriweather Chronicles, #1)
  3. Letters to Julia (Merriweather Chronicles, #2)
Allen, Elisabeth
(contemporary fiction , historical fiction)
  1. Just like You    HAR
  2. No Matter What    HAR
  3. For Life and Eternity    HAR
  4. The Abolitionist    HAR
Allerding, Sarah
(children's fiction)
  1. The Spunky Monkeys: A Christmas Full of Surprises
Alvarez, Felicia
  1. Exposed: The Life and Thoughts of a Home School Graduate (links not working, trying to locate working links for author and book)
Appleton, Scott
  1. Swords of the Six
  2. Offspring
  3. Key of Living Fire
  4. Neverqueen
  5. By Sword, By Right
  6. The Little Table
Ardnek, Kendra E.
  1. Sew, It's a Quest    HAR
  2. Do Take This Quest?  HAR
  3. My Kingdom for a Quest
  4. Safforon's Big Plan: and other stories
  5. Tears, Frogs and Laughter
  6. The Derao
  7. The Prior Quest
  8. The Ankulen 
  9. CinderEddy
  10. Water Princess, Fire Prince
  11. Lady Dragon, Tela Du
Auer, Hope
  1. A Cry From Egypt   HAR
Barenfanger, Brooke
(historical fiction)
  1. The Blacksmith King
Barrett, Elysse
  1. Fathers and Daughters
Barrows, C. F.
  1. The Follower     HAR
  2. The Merchant's Son
Barton, Riley
  1. Rain Saga (some mild language)
Benedict, Emily Ann
(paranormal, contemporary-fiction)
  1. Only Angels are Bulletproof
  2. The Father Christmas Confessions: A Christmas Comedy   HAR
  3. The Father Christmas Profession 
BanschbachClaire M.
  1. The Rise of Aredor    HAR
  2. The Wildcat of Braeton
  3. Adela's Curse
Bentley, Teagan
  1. Novel Concept
Bethany Faith
  1. What Lies in the Darkness
  2. What Lurks in the Forest
Blum, Faith
(historical fiction)
  1. A Mighty Fortress    HAR
  2. Be Thou My Vision  HAR
  3. Amazing Grace
  4. Lily of the Valley
  5. The Solid Rock
  6. I Love Thee
  7. Pass Me Not
  8. Redeemed
  9. Just a Closer Walk
  10. Just As I Am 
  11. Blessed Assurance
  12. Life and Salvation
  13. Heaven's Jubilee: And Other Short Stories
  14. Where the Light May Lead
  15. Faith is the Victory
  16. Savior, Like a Shepherd
Bolland, Anna Grace
(contemporary fiction)
  1. Pandora's Box and Other Problems
Botkin, Anna Sofia and Elizabeth
  1. So Much More
  2. It's (Not That) Complicated
Bradburn, Amanda K.
  1. Keepers of the Elenath
  2. Little Red Robin Hood    HAR
Brown, Sarah
  1. Learning Lessons From Furry Friends
  2. The Prodigal Pup
  3. Cheeper
Browning, Kaycee
  1. Ember Flame
  2. Five Enchanted Roses
Bryant, Kelsey
  1. Family Reunion   HAR
  2. England Adventure  HAR
Bryant, Sarah
  1. The Family Daughter
  2. The Thing I Desire
  3. The Young Maid
  4. The Maiden's Menu
Burkum, Rachel L.
(contemporary fiction, non-fiction)
  1. Discovering Dawn
  2. Silent Ride
  3. At the Heart of Truth
  4. A Test of Courage
  5. Smattering of Analytical Letters
  6. Matthew's Bible Stories; Noah and the Big Boat
  7. Matthew's Bible Stories; Ester the Brave 
Chapman, Emily
(historical fiction)
  1. A Cry of Hope
  2. Ain't We Got Fun 
(contemporary fiction)
  1. Nicole Benson   HAR
Clarkson, Sarah
  1. Read for the Heart: Whole Books for WholeHearted Families
  2. Journey's of Faithfulness: Stories for the Heart for Faithful Girls
  3. Caught Up in a Story
Coker, Rachel
(historical fiction)
  1. Interrupted; Life Beyond Words    HAR
  2. Chasing Jupiter                                  HAR
Comstock, Katie
  1. Moonbeam
Cook, C. B.
  1. Paralyzed Dreams
Cook, Clare and Bethany Patchin
(contemporary fiction)
  1. I Will Follow
Cooksey, Matt D.
  1. Northern Winds Bring Danger
Craven, Tracy Leininger
  1. Alone, Yet Not Alone
  2. Land Beyond the Setting Sun
  3. Unfading Beauty
  4. A Kindled Light
  5. Nothing Can Separate us
  6. Our Flag Was Still There
  7. Kathleen's Shaken Dreams
  8. Kathleen's Unforgettable Winter
  9. Kathleen's Abiding Hope
  10. Kathleen's Enduring Faith

Dabill, Azalea


Dalton, Elaine J.

Dan, Becky
(contemporary fiction)
  1. The Rainbow Promise    HAR

Daniels, Katie Lynn


(scinece-fiction, fiction, non-fiction)
  1. Supervillain of the Day (Supervillain of the Day, #1)    HAR
  2. Fire and Ashes (Supervillain of the Day, #2)
  3. Inspector Floyd (Supervillain of the Day, #3)
  4. Supervillain Hunters, International (Supervillain of the Day #4)
  5. Dreams and Shadows (Supervillain of the Day #5)
  6. Supervillains of London (Supervillain of the Day #6)
  7. Silent Night (Supervillain of the Day 6.5)
  8. Superhero of the Day (Supervillain of the Day #7) (has mild language)
  9. The Dragon of London (Supervillain of the Day #8) (has mild language)
  10. The Tale of Pirate Shishkabob
  11. Sanctity of Life                                   HAR
  12. The Universe, Science, and God 
  13. That Others May Live

Darlington, C. J.

(contemporary fiction)
Dashwood, Amy
  1. Only a Novel
Davis, Amanda
  1. Precisely Terminated 
  2. Noble Imposter
  3. Viral Execution
Dominguez, Lydia
  1. Loving Adina
Downs, Gregory J. (Links not working for this author or his books)

Duggan, Hannah Rose 
(historical-fiction, non-fiction)
  1. From the Flames
  2. Dear Kate
  3. Just Us Girls
  4. Dare Greatly
Dunn, Kyleigh
  1. The Christian Musician: Taking "playing music to the glory of God" from idea to reality
Elizabeth Rose
  1. Violets Are Blue  HAR
Elliot, Ashley
  1. Becoming Nikki  HAR
Ellison, Melanie
  1. Chucking College
Ender, Elizabeth
  1. Ransomed
Esther, Camille

  1. Dorian the Daring

Erickson, Julia
  1. Ashburn    HAR
  2. Diamond 
Erickson, Mark and Steven
  1. The Beginner Book
  2. The Battle Book
  3. The Greco-Roman Book
  4. The Egypt Book
  5. The Barbarian Book
  6. The Armored Glove Book
  7. The Armor of God
  8. The Knight Book
Evangeline, Molly
(historical fiction, fantasy)
Ewoh, Aidyl (a.k.a Lydia Howe)
(fantasy, contemporary-fiction)
  1. Dusk
  2. Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl 
  3. Action Kids Club
Farver, Hannah
  1. Uncompromising
Foley, Elisabeth Grace 
(historical fiction)
  1. The Ranch Next Door    HAR
  2. War Memorial                 HAR
  3. The Silver Shawl: A Mrs. Meade Mystery    HAR
  4. The Parting Glass: A Mrs. Meade Mystery
  5. The Oldest Flame: A Mrs. Meade Mystery 
  6. The Silent Hour: A Mrs. Meade Mystery 
  7. Some Christmas Camouflage: A Short Story
  8. Corral Nocturne: A Novella                  HAR
  9. Lost Lake House: A Novella
  10. Wanderlust Creek and Other Stories   HAR
  11. Left-Hand Kelly
Freitag, Jennifer
(historical fiction)
  1. The Shadow Things    HAR
  2. Plenilune
Gaskins, Teresa 
  1. Banished: The Riddled Stone, Book One
  2. Hunted
Gibbs, Ellyn
  1. Torn Heart    HAR
  1. Stories for God's Glory
  1. Awake (has mild language)
  2. Atone (has mild language)
  3. Views from the Tower (has mild language)
  4. Views from the Depths (has mild language)
  5. Attempting Elizabeth (has mild language)
  6. Holidays with Jane: Christmas Cheer 
  7. Holidays with Jane: Spring Fever
  8. Holidays with Jane: Trick or Sweet 
Greyson, Jessica
  1. Annabeth's War    HAR
  2. Captive of Raven Castle  HAR
Grubb, Christina
(non-fiction, contemporaneity fiction)
  1. The Warmth of His Eyes
  2. Send Me, Lord Jesus
Grubb, Melody
(historical fiction)
  1. Land of Calais    HAR
Hage, Amanda Grace
(historical fiction)
  1. Lily: A Legacy of Faith
  2. Lily: A Legacy of Hope
  3. Lily: A Legacy of Love
Hale, Ian
  1. Overtaken Destiny Among Worlds
Hall, Tessa Emily
(contemporary fiction)
  1. Purple Moon   HAR
Hamilton, Rachel
  1. Hidden Struggles: Purity, God, Guys and Life
Hansen, Aubrey
(science fiction, historical fiction)
  1. Red Rain    HAR
  2. The Sword and Pen; The Poetry of Holy Worlds
  3. Peter's Angel   HAR
  4. Project 74
Harris, Alex and Brett
  1. Do Hard Things
  2. Start Here
Harris, Joshua
  1. I Kissed Dating Good-bye
  2. Boy Meets Girl
  3. Not Even a Hint
  4. Dug Down Deep
  5. Stop Dating a Church!
Hartman, Abigail J.
(historical fiction)
  1. The Soldiers Cross
Hawksley, Morgan-Britney R.
(historical fiction)
  1. A Bit of Seawater HAR
Heckenkamp, Therese
  1. Past Suspicion      HAR
  2. Frozen Footprints
 Hedgcock, C. R.
  1. Summer of Suspense    HAR
  2. Peril on Providence Island 
  3. The Treacherous Trail
  4. Riddle of the Ruby Ring
  5. Prisoner of the Pyrenees
Heffington, Rachel
(historical fiction)
  1. Fly Away Home
  2. Five Glass Slipper
  3. Anon, Sir, Anon
Hepner, Katie
(historical fiction, fantasy)
  1. The Teacher
  2. The Tiphereth Trilogy (all three book are bond in one) HAR
Hill, E. Howard
  1. MSPX: Book One
Hitch, Avery E.
(historical fiction)
  1. A Penny Parcel
  2. Be Ye Thankful
  3. Journey to the Cross
Holden, Trina
  1. Real (Fast) Food
  2. Embracing Beauty
Holman, Sarah
(science fiction, historical fiction)
  1. The Destiny of One
  2. The Destiny of a Few
  3. The Destiny of a Galaxy
  4. Continuing Destiny
  5. Adventures and Adversities
  6. Brothers and Betrayal 
  7. Courage and Corruption
  8. Admirable
  9. Befriended
  10. A Different Kind of Courage   HAR
  11. Waltz into the Waves
  12. Joseph of Arimathea
  13. Distorted Glass
  14. Kate's Innocence
  15. Kate's Capitol
  16. Quest for a Beast   HAR
  17. If He Lives
  18. Emmeline
Honn, Jesse
(fiction, non-fiction)
  1. Adventures in the Neighborhood Woods: The Tunnel
  2. Adventures in the Neighborhood Woods: The Secret Baseball Card
  3. Everyday Life Advice
Horn, John J.
  1. Brothers at Arms    HAR
  2. The Boy Colonel     HAR
  3. Secret of the Lost Settlemet
  4. Jonathan Park: A Startling Discovery
  5. Jonathan Park: A New Beginning
  6. Jonathan Park: Return to Hidden Cave

Howard, Olivia

  1. Fresh Modesty: Creating Custom Swimwear
  2. Fresh Modesty: How To Sew Denim
Huneke, Morgan Elizabeth
(sci-fi, fantasy)
  1. Across the Stars    HAR
  2. The Experiment 
  3. Creighton Hill
  4. The Crossways
Hunter, David
  1. Reveille
  1. Shrouded Jewels   HAR
  2. As Fairydust Settles
  3. Forgotten Memories
  4. Sanisfreeda
  5. Life is Crumbly
Johnson, Bryana
  1. Having Decided to Stay
Jones, Rebekah
  1. A Year with the Potters: Adventures and Lessons of a Homeschooling Family   HAR
  2. Grandmother's Letters   HAR
  3. A Tale of a Say's Phoebe
  4. Journeys of Four     HAR
  5. 24 Days Before Christmas 
Kaiser, E.
  1. Jeweler's Apprentice    HAR
  2. Traitor's Knife                HAR
  3. Thaw: Winter's Child
  4. Thaw: Winter Queen
  5. Thaw: Prince of Demargen
  6. Anasa Tristis
  7. Space Kitties: Feline Forays Through The Galaxies 
Liljequist, Alyssa
(historical fiction)
  1. Deadly Delirium (Link no longer working.)
  1. Resistance
Lotter, Lauren K.
(western fiction)
  1. Rustlers and the Texas Trail
  2. Hidden Treasure and Wedding Bells
  3. Whisper
Lucas, Vicki V.
(fantasy, non-fiction)
  1. Toxic
  2. Rancid
  3. Bound
  4. Devil's Pathway
  5. The Truth about Angels
Lux, Melika Dannese 
(historical-fiction, paranormal)
  1. City of Lights: The Trials and Triumphs of Ilyse Charpentier
  2. Corcitura (This book may contain disturbing elements.)
Macintyre, Scott
  1. By Faith, Not by Sight HAR
Mally, Sarah, Grace, Stephen, and Harold
  1. Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends
  2. Before You Meet Prince Charming
  3. Will Our Generation Speak?
McIntire, Jason
(contemporary fiction)
  1. The Sparrow Found A House    HAR
  2. Flight School  HAR
(contemporary fiction)
Mills, Hannah
(historical fiction)

(No working links found for this author's books)

Mingerink, Tricia
  1. Dare
  2. Deny
  3. Defy
  4. Destroy
Morganthal, Isabella
  1. I Dare You
  2. The King's Princess: A Magazine Compilation
(contemporary fiction)
  1. Not Abandoned (adult theme)
Morris, Rebekah A.
(historical fiction)
  1. Unbroken   HAR
  2. Home at Last
  3. Rustlers
  4. Stephen   HAR
  5. Set Free   HAR
  6. Together
  7. The Unexpected Request
  8. Home Fires of the Great War 
  9. Pirates of Rocky Crag Bay and Other Stories 
  10. An Everyday Photo Alphabet
  11. The Lower Lights and Other Stories
  12. Gift from the Storm
  13. Through the Tunnel   HAR
  14. The Graham Quartet and the Mysterious Strangers
  15. The Graham Quartet and the Mystery of the Day Maid
  16. At the Christmas Lodge   HAR
  17. Fitting In   HAR
  18. The Old Mansion's Secret
Moss, Christina (Gerwitz)
  1. The Missing Link Found
  2. The Missing Link Found: Dinosaur Quest at Diamond Peak
  3. The Missing Link Found: The Keys to the Past: Unlocked
Mount, Daniel J.
  1. The Faith of America's Presidents
  2. Dianne Wilkinson: The Life and Times of a Gospel Songwriter
Mucklestone, Rosemary
  1. Amazing Honesty
  2. Tales of Faith
  3. Odd Team Out
Murry, Camille
  1. Dorian the Daring (very mild language)
Neal, Mirriam
(futuristic fiction)
  1. Monster
Nyquist, Natalie
  1. Quest for the High Places
  2. Pearl of Beauty; Becoming Maidens of Purity
Putzke, Emily Ann
(historical fiction)
  1. Ain't We Got Fun
  2. It Took a War  HAR
  3. Resist
Pursselley, Mary Ruth
(sci-fi, fantasy)
  1. Avenir Eclectia (Volume 1)   HAR
  2. The Song of the Wren-Falcon: The First Prophecy  HAR
  3. A Knight on the Old North Shore: Tales and Poems
Putman, Cara
(non-fiction, romance, general fiction)
  1. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Business Law

  2. Canteen Dreams
  3. Sandhill Dreams
  4. Captive Dreams
  5. Cornhusker Dreams 
  6. A Promise Kept
  7. A Promise Born
  8. A Promise Forged
  9. Ohio Brides 
  10. Stars in the Night
  11. Cherry Blossom Capers
  12. A Wedding Transpires 
  13. Rainbows End
  14. Deadly Exposure
  15. Trial by Fire 
  16. Timeless Treasures
  17. Shadowed by Grace: A Story of Monuments Men
  18. Where Tree Tops Glisten
Rash, Rebecca
  1. A Handful of Flowers     HAR
Rice, Jesse
  1. The Missing Kitten 
  2. Trapped
  3. Space Kitties: Feline Forays Through The Galaxies
Rising, Tialla
  1.  Holding the Future Hostage    HAR
  2. Where Shadows Lie
Rittenhouse, Rachel
(historical fiction)
  1. Finding Faith
  2. Discovering Hope
  3. Accepting Change
(historical fiction)
  1. Cooks and Queens
Rose, Ivy
(historical fiction, contemporary)
  1. The Old River Road
  2. Left to Die
Rossano, Rachel
(fantasy, sci-fi, historical-fiction)
  1. The Mercenary Marriage
  2. The Crown of Anavrea
  3. The King of Anavrea 
  4. Word and Deed
  5. Exchange    
  6. Duty      HAR
  7. Honor   HAR
  8. Wren     HAR
Roth, Kellyn
(historical fiction)
  1. The Dressmaker's Secret   HAR
  2. The Lady of the Vineyard
  1. War Games: Classic Fiction for the Christian Life
  2. The Epic of Reformation: A Guide to the Faerie Queene
  3. The Prince of Fishes
  4. The Rakshasa's Bride
  5. Pendragon's Heir
Ruggieri, Alicia Roque
  1. The House of Mercy
  2. The Mystery of the Missing Cufflinks HAR
  3. The Fragrance of Geraniums   HAR
  4. All Our Empty Places
Sager, Nicole
  1. The Heart of Arcrea    HAR
  2. The Fate of Arcrea     HAR
  3. The Isle of Arcrea     HAR
  4. A Tale of Two Siblings
  5. Hebbros   HAR
  6. Burdney
Sarah Elizabeth
  1. On Grandpa's Knee
Sawyer,  Sarah Elizabeth
  1. Third Side of the Coin
  2. Touch My Tears         HAR
  3. The Executions
Schaeffer, Anna
(contemporary fiction)
  1. All of This
Schamel, Amber
(biblical-fiction, fantasy)
  1. Days of Messiah -The Healer's Touch   HAR
  2. Days of Messiah - The Messiah's Sign
  3. Days of Messiah - The Master's Calling
  4. The Swaddling Clothes     HAR
  5. Remington Colt's Revolutionary War Series - The Declaration of Independence - Volume 2 - Samuel Adam   HAR
Scheele, Sarah
(fantasy, sci-fi)
  1. Facets of Fantasy    HAR
  2. The Valley Stories Omnibus
Schnarr, Ashley
  1. Single Girl: The single woman's guide to life, liberty and the pursuit of godliness 
Schnee, Alexa
  1. Shakespeare's Lady
Schmidt, Jenelle Leanne 
  1. King’s Warrior   HAR
  2. Second Son
  3. Yorien's Hand
  4. Five Enchanted Roses 
Simmons, Cara
  1. The Haven (The Orphans of Mordecai's Castle Series Book 1)
  2. The Haven Workbook
  3. The Leviathan (The Orphans of Mordecai's Castle Series Book 2)
  4. The Leviathan Workbook
  5. The Champion (The Orphans of Mordecai's Castle Series Book 3)
Smith, Jordan
  1. Finding the Core of Your Story    HAR
  2. A Purple and Gold Afghan and other stories    HAR
Smythe, Elanee
  1. Our Flag
Snitker, Melanie D.
  1. Finding Peace
  2. Finding Hope
  3. Finding Courage
  4. Calming the Storm
Snyder, Rebekah 
  1. Beyond Waiting    HAR
St. Claire, Clair

  1. Some Must Fall

Stephens, Dale J.
  1. Hacking Your Education
Stengl, Anne Elisabeth
  1. Heartless     HAR
  2. Veiled Rose
  3. Moonblood
  4. Starflower
  5. Dragonwitch
  6. Goddess Tithe
  7. Shadow Hand
  8. Golden Daughter
  9. Draven's Light
Sweeney, Ashton 
  1. Amber's Quest 
  2. The Man Behind the Thorns
  3. Karissa's Unwavering Faith
Tecken, Victoria
(non-fiction, fiction)
  1. Ink on Their Fingers (With Benjamin Tecken)
  2. Mighty Stallion
  3. Mighty Stallion: Fury's Journey
  4. Mighty Stallion: Glory's Legend
  5. Mighty Stallion: Dancer's Dream
  6. Mighty Stallion: A Stallion's Heart
  7. Mighty Stallion: The Civil War
Tetzlaff, Ashley Elizabeth Blair
(non-fiction, fiction)

  1. Unveiling The Wedding Veil
  2. Sop Sampler: Five Fables And Ten Poems - Country Style
  3. Mr. Moppet's Mailbox
  4. Dear God...: Prayer and Praise Journal
  5. Away From The Manger
  6. Ellie's Elephant
  7. Hannah the Hummingbird
  8. Debra the Dove: Feeds the Hungry     HAR
  9. Squeaky     HAR
  10. Billy the Bullfrog
  11. Castles In The Sand
  12. Girl and Dude     HAR
  13. An Easter Carol  HAR
Tatzlaff, Mark
  1. Victory Over Codependency: Uncover the #1 Cause of Turmoil in Relationships
Tero, Amanda
(historical fiction)
  1. Journey to Love
  2. Letter of Love
  3. Maggie's Hope Chest   HAR
  4. Coffee Cake Days   HAR
  5. Peace, Be Still   HAR
  6. Noelle's Gift
  7. Debt of Mercy   HAR
  8. Letters from a scatter-brained sister   HAR
  9. Me? Teach Piano?
  10. Befriending the Beast
  11. Hartly Manor
Thomson, Rachel Starr
(fantasy, non-fiction, fiction)
  1. Worlds Unseen    HAR
  2. Burning Light    HAR
  3. Coming Day    HAR
  4. Taerith
  5. Theodore Pharris Saves the Universe
  6. Heart to Heart: Meeting With God in the Lord’s Prayer
  7. Tales of the Heartily Homeschooled (with  Carolyn Currey)    HAR
  8. Pieces of Grace
  9. Letters to a Samuel Generation 
  10. Magdalene 
  11. Angel in the Woods
  12. Lady Moon
  13. Butterflies Dancing
  14. The Fallen Star
  15. Ogres is
  16. Reap the Whirlwind 
  17. Journey
  18. The City Came Creeping
  19. Wayfarer's Dream
  20. Fifty Shades of Loved
  21. Mind Soul Ink Paper: And Other Essays on Faith, Reading, and Writing 
  22. Now for the Not-Yet: And Other Essays on Everyday Discipleship  
  23. Letters to a Samuel Generation: The Collection
  24. War With the Muse
  25. Shields of Earth
  26. Of Men and Bones
  27. Shields of the Earth
  28. Hive
  29. Exile
  30. Attack
  31. Rise
  32. Still Praying in the Wilderness and Other Essays for the Spiritually Thirsty
  33. Undivided Devotion
  34. The Babel Chip
  35. Abaddon's Eve    HAR
  36. Comes the Dragon
  37. Beloved
Titus, Heather
  1. Avenir Eclectia (Volume 1)    HAR
  2. Alternative Witness
  3. Forged Steel
Tyler, Daniel
  1. How to Be Tacticool: A Satirical Guide
Valadez, Melody
  1. Those Who Trespass
Valle, Anita
(fantasy, non-fiction)
  1. Maelyn
  2. Coralina
  3. Heidel 
  4. Dog Cartoons Coloring Book
  5. 50 Princesses A Coloring Book 
  6. Alphabet Monsters Coloring Book
  7. The Busy Princess Diary
  8. Best Princess Coloring Book
  1. The Magical Keystone 
  2. Thoughts on the Theme of Life
Walladge, Ada
  1. Heart's Fire (order via email)   HAR
Wand, Hayden
  1. Hidden Pearls
  2. The Wulver's Rose
  3. Five Enchanted Roses
Wahlquist, Elisha 
(fantasy, historical fiction)
  1. Salamont: Rise or Fall
  2. Adele: Two Girls. Two Paths. One Revolution
Wetsriru, Rachel
  1. Shadow and Smoke
  2. Trials and Truth
  3. Vengeance and Valor
  4. The Black Assassin
Weaver, Anna R.
  1. That's How We Roll: A Hilariously True Tale of Life on the Open Road 
  2. Surviving the Revival: A glimpse into the life of the Weaver Family Band
Weiland, K. M.
(historical fiction, non-fiction)
  1. A Man Called Outlaw
  2. Behold the Dawn          HAR
  3. Outlining Your Novel; Map Your Way to Success
  4. The Memory Lights
  5. The Saddle Daddy Rode
  6. One More Ride in the Rain
  7. Structuring Your Novel
  8. Dreamlander
  9. Conquering Writer's Block and Summoning Inspiration
  10. Storming: A Dieselpunk Adventure   HAR
  11. Creating Character Arcs: The Masterful Author's Guide to Uniting Story Structure, Plot, and Character Development
  1. Pajama School   HAR
  2. Born to Deliver (this book may not be suitable for younger readers)
Wittman, Jessiqua 
(all books contain subject matter for mature readers and some mild language)
(end-times fiction)