Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Book Review: Through the Tunnel

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Description: “I hate being a foster kid!” Fourteen-year-old Lissa had thought those words dozens, if not hundreds, of times over the last twelve years. She and her twin brother, Leigh, had been foster kids for as long as they could remember. Naturally shy, this life of bouncing around from one foster home to another, of changing schools mid-term, and of never having a real place they could call home had left Lissa with feelings of insecurity and doubt. Would they ever have a real home? Why didn’t anyone want them? Then one cold, winter afternoon, Lissa persuades her brother to make believe that a tunnel under a snow covered bridge is the entrance to a new world and a new life; together they walk through it, and it changes their lives forever.

I especially enjoy stand-alone books, so when I purchased this one I read it very quickly. ;) Set in winter first at a vacation cabin and later at a country farmhouse, this book just pulls you into these places and makes you love them. Most of the story happens during Christmas, which is always a special treat. ;)

Leigh and Lissa were great! Close twins who had learned to depend on each for everything, they had you both loving and pitying them at the same time. The Holdens were awesome in every way! (Debbie definitely won if for the humor side, though.) ;)

From the moment they entered their "new world", I was hoping that things would actually change for them; and the outcome delighted me. Lessons in trust and a beautiful parallel between adoption and God's gift to us were woven nicely into the story. Some of my favorite parts included the twins going through the tunnel, decorating the house for Christmas, and Ben's Christmas gift. (I'll say no more...) ;)

Just a note that the foster children's general insecurities and past experiences may not be best for younger readers.

Altogether--I loved it! And I think anyone who enjoys a cozy, Christmas story with sweet family relationships will too. (Notice the "will".)

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