Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Book Review: City of the Invaders by Sarah Scheele

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Description: As a Christian, Katia Vingo belongs to a tiny, hereditary minority called the EC. Her friends keep a risky balance with the hostile invaders who have taken over Palladia. When Katia's family is forced out of their isolated home by guerrilla bandits, she finds herself living in the large, city-state of Wyncon. She hopes to blend in and live quietly. But this future world is not a place where anything stays the same for long. And Katia's life is one of the things that is about to change.

Please note: This is now part of the author’s book Facets of Fantasy.

Having enjoyed the last story I read by this author, I was eager for more. I was not disappointed. Scheele is a strong writer with a vivid imagination that transports the reader into the story world.
This story is about a Christian girl in the distant future who struggles with her place in the world. When she and her family move to a new town to begin a new life, she finds herself and her brother in the middle of intrigue and danger.

One of the things I loved about this story was that it addresses, in a simple way, having pride in your faith. Katia ponders how ashamed most Christians have become of their faith, and wishes that they would be proud of the heritage that they have.

My favorite part? They play that the Christians are putting on. It sounded so utterly ridiculous and fun that I wanted to be part of it (and I want to be one of the feather bearers). 

I highly recommend this tale to those who love short stories, futuristic settings, and humor mixed in with the serious stuff.

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