Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Beyond the Mountain

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Description: Branwen thought her previous adventure to the North Mountain had been her last—after all, Captain Gavel's fortress had collapsed after she and the three others rescued the necessary crowns. She thought that she'd get to see Edyth, Quintin and Silas at the annual Tournament of Warriors for only a few days each year. But most of all, the last thing she expected was to ever go beyond the North Mountain... and that's exactly what she did. When the young princess went missing during the last night of the Tournament, the king and queen turned to the four faithful heroes to rescue the kidnapped child. And that’s how Branwen found herself caught up in yet another once-in-a-lifetime journey, headed north—this time, beyond the mountain.

I enjoyed the first book in this series. I picked up a copy on sale after I finished Branwen’s Quest and I am glad I did.It was a light fantasy with even fewer strange creatures and such than in the last story.

The four heroes from the last book are together again, and once again they win the Tournament of Warriors. Quickly they get caught up in a quest to save a kidnapped child. Their interactions were so much fun. It was like visiting old friends. Buxton is talented at weaving memorable characters, each unique.

Some of the settings in this story are familiar while others (like an island castle) are new and interesting. Visualizing everything from the descriptions given was easy. It was perfect for firing the imagination. I could easily see this being read aloud to children.

There wasn’t any faith element, but there were good morals. There were some injuries, blood, and pain, but it wasn’t described in great detail. There were mentions of Branwen’s unhappiness about the man her father wants her to marry and a couple other mentions of romantic interests of other characters, but they were brief, and I don’t think it will bother any readers.

I recommend this story for youth and young adults who enjoy light fantasy and adventure stories.

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