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HAR = Homeschool Author Review

Interviewed! = Link to Homeschool Authors Interview

    Allen, Elisabeth
    1. Just like You    HAR
    2. No Matter What    HAR
    3. For Life and Eternity    HAR
    Benedict, Emily Ann
    1. Only Angels Are Bulletproof
    2. The Father Christmas Confessions: A Christmas Comedy   HAR
    3. The Father Christmas Profession 
    Bentley, Teagan
    1. Novel Concept
    Blum, Faith
    1. Faith is the Victory
    Bolland, Anna Grace
    1. Pandora's Box and Other Problems
    Bryant, Kelsey
    1. Family Reunion   HAR
    2. England Adventure  HAR
    Burkum, Rachel L.
    1. A Test of Courage
    (contemporary fiction)
    1. Nicole Benson   HAR
    Cook, C. B.
    1. Paralyzed Dreams
    Cook, Clare (with Bethany Patchin)
    1. I Will Follow

    Dalton, Elaine J.

    Dan, Becky
    1. The Rainbow Promise    HAR

    Darlington, C. J.

    (contemporary fiction)
    Elliot, Ashley
    1. Becoming Nikki  HAR
    Erickson, Julia
    1. Ashburn    HAR
    2. Diamond
    Ewoh, Aidyl (a.k.a Lydia Howe)
    1. Where Dandelions Grow
    Hall, Tessa Emily
    1. Purple Moon   HAR
    2. Unwritten Melody
    Heckenkamp, Therese
    1. Past Suspicion      HAR
    2. Frozen Footprints
    3. After the Thaw
    Hedgcock, C. R.
    1. Summer of Suspense    HAR
    2. Peril on Providence Island 
    3. The Treacherous Trail
    4. Riddle of the Ruby Ring
    5. Prisoner of the Pyrenees
    6. Iceland Intrigue
    7. Hunting in the Highlands
    Holman, Sarah
    1. Kate's Innocence
    2. Kate's Capitol
    3. Kate's Dilemma
    4. Distorted Glass
    5. Quest for a Beast   HAR
    6. If He Lives
    7. For My Good
    Honn, Jesse
    1. Adventures in the Neighborhood Woods: The Tunnel
    2. Adventures in the Neighborhood Woods: The Secret Baseball Card
    Horn, John J.
    1. Jonathan Park: A Startling Discovery
    2. Jonathan Park: A New Beginning
    3. Jonathan Park: Return to Hidden Cave
    1. Shrouded Jewels   HAR
    2. As Fairydust Settles
    3. Forgotten Memories
    4. Sanisfreeda
    Jones, Rebekah
    1. A Year with the Potters: Adventures and Lessons of a Homeschooling Family   HAR
    2. Grandmother's Letters   HAR
    3. Journeys of Four     HAR
    4. 24 Days Before Christmas
    Kirkpatrick, Perr
    1. The Heavens Declare
    2. Light of the World
    3. Pearl's Practice 
    4. The Case of the Tabloid Tattler  HAR
    5. The Case of the Missing Hero HAR
    6. The 12 Cats of Christmas
    7. Dead Drop
    Krahn, Priscilla J. 
    1. Never Leave Me
    2. Never Again
    3. Never Without Hope
    4. Never Forget
    5. Mystery at the Corn Maze
    6. Mission of a Lifetime
    7. Graveyard Bend
    8. Traffic at Graveyard Bend
    Maxwell, Sarah
    1. Summer with the Moodys
    2. Autumn with the Moodys
    3. Winter with the Moodys
    4. Spring with the Moodys
    5. Summer Days with the Moodys
    6. Autumn Days with the Moodys
    7. Winter Days with the Moodys
    8. Spring Days with the Moodys
    9. Exciting Times with the Moodys
    10. Colorado with the Moodys
    11. Christmas Comes to Sunflower
    12. Sunflower's Christmas Miracle
    McCurdy, Mary Evelyn Notgrass
    1. Katy
    McDermott, Shannon
    McIntire, Jason
    1. The Sparrow Found A House    HAR
    2. Flight School  HAR
    1. Not Abandoned (adult theme)
    2. Out of the Dark  (adult theme)
    Moss, Christina (Gerwitz)
    1. The Missing Link Found
    2. The Missing Link Found: Dinosaur Quest at Diamond Peak
    3. The Missing Link Found: The Keys to the Past: Unlocked
    Peculiar People (A group, some of which were homeschooled)
    1. Delivered
    2. Struggle Creek
    Pennington, J. Grace
    1. October HAR
    Putman, Cara
    1. Cherry Blossom Capers
    2. A Wedding Transpires 
    3. Rainbow's End
    4. Deadly Exposure
    5. Trial by Fire
    6. Hidden Love
    7. Dying for Love
    8. Beyond Justice
    9. Imperfect Justice
    10. Delayed Justice
    Rice, Jesse
    1. The Missing Kitten 
    2. Trapped
    Rising, Tialla
    1. Where Shadows Lie
    Rose, Ivy
    1. Left to Die
    Schaeffer, Anna
    1. All of This
    Snitker, Melanie D.
    1. Finding Peace
    2. Finding Hope
    3. Finding Courage
    4. Finding Faith
    5. Finding Joy
    6. Finding Grace
    7. Calming the Storm
    8. Marrying Mandy
    9. Marrying Raven
    10. Safe in His Arms
    11. Someone to Trust
    12. Finding Forever in Romance
    Tero, Amanda
    1. Coffee Cake Days   HAR
    2. Peace, Be Still   HAR
    3. Letters from a scatter-brained sister   HAR
    Thomson, Rachel Starr
    1. Tales of the Heartily Homeschooled (with  Carolyn Currey)    HAR
    2. The City Came Creeping
    Thompson, Angie
    Valadez, Melody
    1. Those Who Trespass
    Whisper, Willowy
    1. Silly Feeling
    2. Meet My Boyfriend
    Willis, Kate
    1. The Treasure Hunt   HAR
    2. Enjoy the Poodle Skirt