Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Our Book Shelves: Part 3

Amber Schamel
I have lots of literal bookshelves that are stocked with books of all ages, types and shapes, but with as much as I travel, the bookshelf I actually use is on my Kindle and Goodreads. I have found Goodreads to be tremendously helpful in keeping track of the countless books on my kindle, and what I want to read next. I have a special shelf dedicated to the books I’ve sent to my Kindle or downloaded for free, and I often go off of that when deciding what to read next. Oh yes, and that's my favorite coffee mug there with a quote from War Room. ;)

Sarah Holman

J. Grace Pennington

Rebekah Morris

Jenelle Schmidt
I tried to get a good picture of myself with my bookshelf, but mine are all the upper shelves of a built-in bookcase and kind of spread out everywhere, so it was kind of difficult to include myself. But the books were happy to pose by themselves. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Our Book Shelves: Part 2

Kyleigh Dunn

 Kate Willis
I actually share this bookshelf with my sister, but the bottom two shelves are exclusively mine. Like my nerd scarf?

Kendra Ardnek

 Sarah Brazytis
And there are at least two more less photogenic! Yes, it sometimes feels like living in a library, but to me nothing replaces the feel of a real book in my hand.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Our Book Shelves: part 1

Claire Banschbach

I tried to get a good picture of myself with my bookshelf, but mine are all the upper shelves of a built-in bookcase and kind of spread out everywhere, so it was kind of difficult to include myself. But the books were happy to pose by themselves.

Nicole Sager
Buying a new book is always a treat.....until you have to come home and find an empty spot for the little paper-backed fella. And yes, those shelves are double-stacked! o_O

Sarah Brown
 Here you go! My bookshelf is really only my headboard, but it sure is handy for reading in bed (although, I have to say, my Kindle app has nearly replaced hard copy reading). My headboard still holds my collection of favorites from over the years--classic, timeless stories: Heidi, the Laura Ingalls Wilder series, Evangelists in Chains (a very powerful book based on a true story that has really touched my life), Thrilling Escapes by Night (another amazing book--truly thrilling), Paula the Waldensian, Old Yeller, just to name a few.

Morgan Huneke
My very awesome dad built a bookshelf into my wall when we finished my bedroom. Plenty of room for my library to expand.

Aubrey Hansen
My husband and I moved from Chicago to Kansas City last year and bought our first house.  Which means we should finally have the space to put up enough shelves to display all our movies, books, manga, and anime—at least in theory.  Of course, with all the other updates and responsibilities that come with owning a house, we haven’t had time yet... which is why my books are still in old Dairy Queen boxes...

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Reading Traditions Part 3

Sarah Holman ~ I read all the time all over the place. I carry my kindle with my everywhere and am surrounded by books wherever I am in my home. I have a bad habit of chewing on a fingernail while I am reading. I also consume a large amount of whatever my beverage is that day.

Nicole Sager ~ Most often I sit in my bedroom or the living room (curled up in a rocking chair) when I read. Coffee or hot tea is usually my "reading treat" of choice if I have anything at all.

Sarah Brazytis ~ I am a speed reader. Not the trained kind, but the kind who, like Sara Crewe, gobble up books rather than reading them! If there is a new book in the house, I simply have to read it as soon as possible – and at an insane speed. Unfortunately, this habit of devouring reading material sometimes causes me to miss the fine nuances of a story, and I need to read it over and over to get it all.
But lately my mother, sisters and I have fallen into a delightful habit: we operate a custom sewing business which generates piles of hand-sewing by the end of an average day; and while we girls stitch through the big basket, Mom reads out loud. It has turned an end of the day chore into a downright recreation! Now it’s hard to separate the two activities, and I feel that I get much more out of a book since I am forced to take it in at a slower pace. When I get a new book these days, I’m most likely to place it on the ‘out-loud’ shelf and say, “Mom, I’ve got a huge pile of sewing to do…”

Kendra Ardnek ~ This was a tough question, again, because I never read the same way twice. However, I do have a bad habit of reading the last chapter ahead of time and spoiling the story for myself. Does that count?

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Reading Traditions Part 2

Jenelle Schmidt ~ Mostly I just like to curl up someplace comfy, with a nice cozy blanket, and not be interrupted until I finish reading the book. That... however... doesn’t happen very often, not with three small children needing my constant attention. I usually read on my bed, because I’m the fifteen minutes to an hour right before I go to sleep at night is about all the time I get to read for fun these days.

Grace Pennington ~ I like to read lying down a lot—in bed, or in a hammock, or on the couch.  Sometimes I eat candy or something while reading, but for the most part it gets too hard to both eat and hold the book, and I either get too caught up in the book to eat or too busy eating to focus on reading.  But pretty much if it's possible to read while doing it, I've done it.  Walking, doing dishes, holding babies, knitting, taking a bath.  But my preference would definitely be warm and comfy in bed... maybe with a cup of Irish Breakfast tea... maybe on a nice rainy day.

Morgan Huneke ~ I don’t have a specific thing I do or place I sit to read. Why? Because I read everywhere. When I made my purse, I very specifically made it large enough to carry a book. And so I almost always carry a book. I read in bed, in my family’s library, on the front porch, in the car, on my lunch break at work, while waiting for the rest of the worship team to arrive at church, when political debates get boring and I’m waiting forever for my candidate’s race…if I can take a book there, and not feel guilty about stealing a few minutes to read, I read.

Aubrey Hanson ~ I wish I could say I had good reading traditions, but with my busy schedule, I’m lucky if I can get dedicated reading time!  I sneak most of my reading in bed before light’s out—which, while cozy, isn’t necessarily the best for one’s neck and back!  Or for getting to bed on time, for that matter...  But did I mention it’s cozy?  Because fleece blankets!

Rebekah Morris ~ I don’t usually eat when I read, or drink things other than water either, except for now and then. I’m too busy reading. There are two places I can usually be found reading. If it’s Sunday afternoon, I’ll read on my bed. During the rest of the week, this pink chair is where I love to read.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Reading Traditions Part 1

Kyleigh DunnMost often I am sitting or lying down on this corner of our futon, with the window open, and drinking water or iced herbal tea.

Sarah BrownNow that it's summer, I love to sit out in the sunshine and cool or warm breezes at our picnic table or out on a blanket in the shade, especially just after the lawn has been mowed. Also, it's technically not reading, but I love to listen to audiobooks while I'm driving in the car to and from work, and also while I am doing monotonous office work, like addressing envelopes for our database mailing advertising (I help with our family-owned carpet cleaning business)

Amber Schamel ~ My favorite place to read is laying on my bed with natural sunlight streaming in my Eastern-facing window, but that ideal is not always possible, so I end up with the Booknerd Backache...You know the one. That ache you get  from reading in strange positions, even though you keep changing that position to try to be more comfortable. LOL. I love to find a soundtrack to listen to as I read as well.

Kate Willis ~ My favorite place to read right now is behind our couch. It’s not as crazy as it sounds since there’s about three feet of space between it and the windows to our dining room. I’d say it’s the perfect place for being a halfway introvert since I can monitor the conversation around me while still disappearing into my book. ; ) Other places I enjoy reading are our treehouse, my bed, and sometimes even an honest-to-goodness chair or the couch. I don’t usually like to eat anything while I’m reading, but sometimes a cup of Chai tea is just perfect to set the mood.

Claire Banschbach ~ When I read I usually just curl up in a corner of the couch, or spread out over the entire couch if I have the room. Maybe a position change every few hours. Haha! Just kidding. I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to reading these days with grad school taking up most of my time.  But if I’m on break or have a weekend off, I’ll grab a book and set up camp on the couch.  But I don’t typically eat anything while I read because I don’t want grubby fingerprints all over the book. For that reason I don’t really read during lunch anymore.