Monday, November 2, 2015

Book Review: Corral Nocturne

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Description: Life on her brother’s ranch is lonely for Ellie Strickland. Ed’s ungracious manners and tight-fisted habits keep visitors away and his mother and sister close to home. But when Cole Newcomb, son of the wealthiest rancher in the county, meets Ellie by chance, he is struck by an unexpected impulse to rescue her from her solitude—and Ellie’s lonely summer is transformed. When Cole asks her to go with him to the Fourth of July dance, Ellie is determined that nothing, from an old dress to Ed’s sour temper, will stand in her way. By the time the Fourth of July fireworks go off at midnight, will they herald only more heartache, or maybe—just maybe—a dream come true? Novella, approximately 21,000 words.

Having very much enjoyed Foley’s Mrs. Meade books and her collection of short stories, I was very eager to read her Cinderella retelling. I was not disappointed.

This whole story had a nostalgia feel to it. It is the kind of story you could see being made into a black and white film or a finding with an old style hardcover on it. Those who love old fashioned stories will probably adore the entire feel and language of this story.

The romance was sweet and well developed for such a short tale.  It reminded me a bit of a story by Grace Livingstone Hill, Found Treasure. It wasn’t mushy or just based on chemistry.

I loved this spin on Cinderella and highly recommend it to those who like historical fiction, books with an old fashioned feel, and those who love Cinderella retellings.

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