(Pardon us, we are still busy sorting)

  1. What about collections/short stories/anthologies? Poetry? Picture books?
    Should we have a "Misc." page for things like that which are hard to categorize?
  2. What about alternate history or historical fantasy?
  3. if any were added (or interviews/reviews) in the last few months

Allerding, Sarah
(children's fiction)
  1. The Spunky Monkeys: A Christmas Full of Surprises
  2. Rainland
 Appleton, Scott
  1. By Sword, By Right
  2. The Little Table

Cooksey, Matt D.
  1. Northern Winds Bring Danger

Daniels, Katie Lynn


(scinece-fiction, fiction, non-fiction)
Ender, Elizabeth
  1. Ransomed
 Ewoh, Aidyl (a.k.a Lydia Howe)
(fantasy, contemporary-fiction)
  1. Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl 
  2. Action Kids Club

  1. Attempting Elizabeth (has mild language)
(contemporary? or fantasy? time travel?)

 Jones, Rebekah
picture book? children's?
  1. A Tale of a Say's Phoebe
Kelchner, Caleb 
  1. The Glass Shadow (may have some disturbing elements)
  2. Life Like Stars
 Kirkpatrick, Perr
  1. Create
Lux, Melika Dannese 
historical fantasy?
  1. Corcitura (This book may contain disturbing elements.)
 McDermott, Shannon
Tricia Mingerink
Dagger's Sleep (new book, not listed?)
 short stories and sci-fi?

Murry, Camille
  1. Dorian the Daring (very mild language)
  2. Tell a Tale of Royalty in Disguise
(Fantasy? Kingdom? also author is listed on Amazon as Camille Esther?)

Parker, J. R.
comic book
  1. The Complete Skeeter and Skunkbeard

Rash, Rebecca
short stories
  1. A Handful of Flowers     HAR

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