Sunday, November 27, 2016

Book Review: Fitting In

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Description: Newly married, Elizabeth Leffler moves with her husband to his farm in the foothills of the western mountains. Eager to be a part of the town and community, she is disappointed by the cool welcome she receives. In her eagerness to fit in and find a place for herself, Elizabeth does the unthinkable.

I loved this sweet short story about the power of one person standing up for what is right! Elizabeth's enthusiasm and passion were spreading to me even as I read, and it was a great reminder to be a friend. I especially enjoyed their charitable preparations, and Isaac's attitude as man of the family. ;)

Best quote: Rising and picking up her basket, Elizabeth asked one more question. “Would Jacob go if you went?” “Sure,” Isaac replied with a shrug. “I’d make him.”

Altogether, I found this to be an enjoyable, light read! (Oh, and I love how Elizabeth stayed a little bit city girl.) ;) 

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