Thursday, November 5, 2015

Book Review: God of Her Fathers by Alicia A. Willi

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Description: Ellen is the adoring wife of manly settler John Walden. When an unexpected tragedy claims his life, however, she finds herself brokenhearted and terrifyingly alone. Life on the bleak prairies is harsh, and she is desperate for the means to survive. When a debonair stranger abruptly appears, Ellen is torn between accepting his offered help or struggling on alone. Tyler Nichols seems an upright young man, but could his charm be a guise? Could he really be Dan Crudwell, outlaw of Kansas City? God of Her Fathers is a heartwarming novella of faith, courage, and new beginnings, as a young woman seeks to trust her Lord and accept His will for her life.

I have been working my way through some of the books on my Kindle and decided to read this one day. I have been a huge fan of Willis’ writing since her very first book. Her short stories are a delightful taste of what readers can expect from her novels: good history and good story telling.

This story was one of those that is bitter-sweet. It starts out sweet with a newlywed couple starting out their lives on the harsh prairie. When tragedy strikes, it turns bitter. The story ends on a hopeful note, making the story satisfying.

As always, Willis brings a deep message of faith that isn’t trivial or forced; it is a natural part of the story. That is something you can always count on from her.

I wish I could go on and on about this story, but if I did, I would probably give away some of the story, so I shall stop here.

I highly recommend this book to those who love short stories, historical fiction, and powerful yet simple messages of faith.

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