Some books may not be appropriate for children, young teens, or meet with the blog authors approval.  If you think any of these books does not meet our standards, you can contact us at thedestinyofone(at)yahoo(dot)com.

HAR = Homeschool Author Review

Interviewed! = Link to Homeschool Authors Interview

Barton, Riley
  1. Rain Saga (some mild language)
Blum, Faith
  1. Heaven's Jubilee: And Other Short Stories
Cook, C. B.
  1. Twinepathy

Daniels, Katie Lynn


  1. Supervillain of the Day (Supervillain of the Day, #1)    HAR
  2. Fire and Ashes (Supervillain of the Day, #2)
  3. Inspector Floyd (Supervillain of the Day, #3)
  4. Supervillain Hunters, International (Supervillain of the Day #4)
  5. Dreams and Shadows (Supervillain of the Day #5)
  6. Supervillains of London (Supervillain of the Day #6)
  7. Silent Night (Supervillain of the Day 6.5)
  8. Superhero of the Day (Supervillain of the Day #7) (has mild language)
  9. The Dragon of London (Supervillain of the Day #8) (has mild language)
  10. That Others May Live

Darlington, C. J.

Davis, Amanda
  1. Precisely Terminated 
  2. Noble Imposter
  3. Viral Execution
Froreich, Tanner
(superhero fiction)
  1. The Blue Blur: A Mission Given
  1. Counted Worthy
Hansen, Aubrey
  1. Red Rain    HAR
  2. Project 74
Hill, E. Howard
  1. Glass Eyes
Holman, Sarah
  1. The Destiny of One
  2. The Destiny of a Few
  3. The Destiny of a Galaxy
  4. Continuing Destiny
Huneke, Morgan Elizabeth
  1. Across the Stars    HAR
  2. The Experiment 
  3. Twisted Dreams
Kaiser, E.
  1. Anasa Tristis
  2. Space Kitties: Feline Forays Through The Galaxies 
  3. Space Kitties 2: Searching the Cosmos
Kirkpatrick, Perry
  1. Pioneer Horizon
  2. Stronger for Language
  3. Aurora
McDermott, Shannon
  1. The Last Heir
  2. The Beauty of the Lilies   (Sons of Tryas) HAR 
  3. Summer Leaves (Sons of Tryas)
  4. Cards
Neal, Mirriam
  1. Monster
Parker, J. R.
  1. Rex and Loon: Galaverse Gallivanters, Season 1, Book One: On the Loose
Pennington, J. Grace
  1. Firmament: Radialloy   HAR
  2. Firmament: In His Image   HAR
  3. Firmament: Machiavellian
  4. Firmament: Reversal Zone
  5. Firmament: Gestern
  6. Implant   HAR
Rice, Jesse
  1. Space Kitties: Feline Forays Through The Galaxies
Rising, Tialla
  1. Holding the Future Hostage    HAR
Rossano, Rachel
  1. Exchange 
Scheele, Sarah
  1. City of Invaders
  2. Ryan and Essie
  3. Jurant
Thomson, Rachel Starr
  1. Theodore Pharris Saves the Universe
  2. The Babel Chip
Titus, H.A.
  1. Avenir Eclectia (Volume 1)    HAR
  2. Avatars of Web Surfer

  1. A Memoir of Love
  2. A Memoir of Mercy
  3. A Memoir of Hope