Monday, November 16, 2015

Book Review: Courage by Molly Evangeline

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Description: Determined to follow the will of Elohim, Makilien faces daily threats and hardship. But an even bigger threat is growing. Bent on destroying his opposition once and for all, Zirtan amasses a devastating force to take control of Dolennar. When a dangerous secret comes to light, Makilien, along with her family and Aedan, are thrust into the middle of the struggle. Faced with an army far outnumbering their own, Makilien and her friends risk everything--injury, captivity, even death--to gather their allies. But in the end, their hope and courage must rest in Elohim. Can the forces of good achieve victory, or will the might of evil prevail? Who will be left to see the end?

Why in the world did it take me so long to get back to this series? No matter, I assure you I will not let over a year go by before I read the final book in the trilogy.

This book picks up where Truth left off: Makilien telling her hometown the good news. However, she is suffering for her beliefs and they cost her. Soon she and her family our on the run along with other friends.

Makilien is a strong female character that I just love. She is good with weapons, she can battle many foes, yet still somehow maintains some femininity. Her bravery and her courage are something I greatly admire.

All the other characters are well crafted in this story. Makilien’s own family was very dear how they interacted. Srion was my favorite after Makilien. He was strong in his faith and character … as well as kind.
The fantasy world of Dolennar was well built. It felt very real. I felt as if I could easily see what the author had envisioned. Each place the characters go brings the story more to life. I can see this being made into a movie.

The message of redemption and strength coming from God were a large part of the story without ever feeling forced. I especially like some of the unlikely people that are redeemed through the story. It was a reminder that no one is too far from the Grace of God.

I highly recommend this book for those who love fantasy, stories of faith, a strong female characters.

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