For Authors

If you are a published author, you can join the Goodreads group, or our Facebook Group.

Direct all your emails to:
If you are letting us know about an author to add to our list, please include the author's website if possible. All the authors listed on our site currently are homeschool students or homeschool graduates. We do not list books by homeschool parents at this time. We also reserve the right to reject any book for any reason. 

If you would like to advertise with us: it is $5 dollars for one month on the sidebar. Please contact us through email for more information. 

To be interviewed for this website:
  • You must be a homeschool student or graduate and have a book already available.
  • You should agree with the statement of faith and standards (if you have questions, e-mail us).
  • You have to be willing to answer 5 to 10 questions.
  • Send an email to
Hire Fellow Authors
Thanks to Allison Hawbaker for getting this list started
Aelsa Butler
Offers: Proofreading
             Cover design
             Graphic design
             Social Media Marketing

Kelsey Bryant
Offers: Copyediting

Abigayle Claire
Offers: An early draft manuscript edit (line and content combo)
             A final draft manuscript edit (line and content combo)
             Blurb critique
             Proofreading (papers/assignments)

Rachelle Rea Cobb
Offers: Content editing
             Line editing

Jessica Greyson
Offers: Cover Design
            Graphic Services

Allison Hawbaker
Offers: Content editing
             Line editing
             Book reviews

Sarah Holman
Offers: New Author Consulting
             Kindle formatting

Offers: Proofreading
             Copy Editing
             Content Editing
             Cover Design
             Print and eBook Formatting
            Graphic Design

Rachel Rossano
Offers: Cover Design
            Book formatting
            ebook formatting
            Book trailers
            Business Cards
           and more

Alicia A. Willis
Offers: Manuscript edit
             Publication guidance consultation
             Kindle publishing consultation
             Publicity campaign
             Press release
             Website assistance

Willowy Whisper
Offers: Cover Design

T. Marie of
Offers: Proofreading