Historical Fiction

Some books may not be appropriate for children, young teens, or meet with the blog authors approval.  If you think any of these books does not meet our standards, you can contact us homeschooledauthors@gmail.com

HAR = Homeschool Author Review

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Allady, Meredith
  1. Letters from Bath; Or, a Friend in Exile  HAR
  2. Friendship and Folly
  3. Letters to Julia
  4. A Summer in Bath
Allen, Elisabeth
  1. The Abolitionist    HAR
Auer, Hope
  1. A Cry From Egypt   HAR
  2. A Stand at Sinai
Barenfanger, Brooke
(historical fiction)
  1. The Blacksmith King
Benedict, Emily Ann
  1. Perception
Blum, Faith
  1. A Mighty Fortress    HAR
  2. Be Thou My Vision  HAR
  3. Amazing Grace
  4. Lily of the Valley
  5. The Solid Rock
  6. I Love Thee
  7. Pass Me Not
  8. Redeemed
  9. Just a Closer Walk
  10. Just As I Am
  11. Blessed Assurance
  12. Life and Salvation
  13. Where the Light May Lead
  14. Savior, Like a Shepherd
  15. All the Way My Savior Leads
  16. He Hideth My Soul
  17. Tis So Sweet
  18. Christ Arose: A Tomb's Tale
  19. The Light Leads to Love
Bryant, Kelsey
  1. Suit and Suitability 
Chapman, Emily
  1. A Cry of Hope
  2. Ain't We Got Fun
Coker, Rachel
  1. Interrupted; Life Beyond Words    HAR
  2. Chasing Jupiter                                  HAR
Craven, Tracy Leininger
  1. Alone, Yet Not Alone
  2. Kathleen's Shaken Dreams
  3. Kathleen's Unforgettable Winter
  4. Kathleen's Abiding Hope
  5. Kathleen's Enduring Faith
Dashwood, Amy
  1. Only a Novel
Dominguez, Lydia
  1. Loving Adina
Duggan, Hannah Rose
  1. From the Flames
  2. Dear Kate
Elizabeth Rose
  1. Violets Are Blue  HAR
Evangeline, Molly
Foley, Elisabeth Grace 
  1. The Ranch Next Door    HAR
  2. War Memorial                 HAR
  3. The Silver Shawl: A Mrs. Meade Mystery    HAR
  4. The Parting Glass: A Mrs. Meade Mystery
  5. The Oldest Flame: A Mrs. Meade Mystery 
  6. The Silent Hour: A Mrs. Meade Mystery 
  7. Some Christmas Camouflage: A Short Story
  8. Corral Nocturne: A Novella                  HAR
  9. Lost Lake House: A Novella
  10. Wanderlust Creek and Other Stories   HAR
  11. Left-Hand Kelly
  12. The Ranch Next Door and Other Stories
  13. A Sidekick's Tale
Freitag, Jennifer
  1. The Shadow Things    HAR
Glasner, Jessica
  1. Voyage of the Sandpiper
  2. Flight of the Seabirds
  3. Song of the Storm Petrel
Grayson, E.S.
  1. A Sidekick's Tale
  2. Some Christmas Camouflage
Greyson, Jessica
  1. Sufficient Grace
Grubb, Christina
  1. The Warmth of His Eyes
Grubb, Melody
  1. Land of Calais    HAR
Hage, Amanda Grace
  1. Lily: A Legacy of Faith
  2. Lily: A Legacy of Hope
  3. Lily: A Legacy of Love
  4. East & West 
  5. The Distance Between
  6. Persistence
Hansen, Aubrey
  1. Peter's Angel   HAR
Hartman, Abigail J.
  1. The Soldier's Cross
Hawksley, Morgan-Britney R.
  1. A Bit of Seawater HAR
Heffington, Rachel
  1. Fly Away Home
  2. Anon, Sir, Anon
Hepner, Katie
  1. The Teacher
Hitch, Avery E.
  1. A Penny Parcel
  2. Be Ye Thankful
  3. Journey to the Cross
Holman, Sarah
  1. A Different Kind of Courage   HAR
  2. Joseph of Arimathea
  3. Emmeline
  4. Father, Forgive Them  
Horn, John J.
  1. Brothers at Arms    HAR
  2. The Boy Colonel     HAR
  3. Secret of the Lost Settlement
Hunter, David
  1. Reveille
Jones, Rebekah
  1. Presumption and Partiality
Kichenmaster, Sara-Anne
  1. Something Broken  (some mild language)
Kirkpatrick, Perr
  1. The Art Contest
Liljequist, Alyssa
(historical fiction)
  1. Deadly Delirium (Link no longer working.)
Lotter, Lauren K.
  1. Rustlers and the Texas Trail
  2. Hidden Treasure and Wedding Bells
  3. Whisper
Lux, Melika Dannese 
  1. City of Lights: The Trials and Triumphs of Ilyse Charpentier
McCurdy, Katie
  1. Journey of Faith
  2. A Time to Love
Mills, Hannah
  1. Called 
  2. Plague of Darkness
Morris, Rebekah A.
  1. Unbroken   HAR
  2. Home at Last
  3. Rustlers
  4. Stephen   HAR
  5. Set Free   HAR
  6. Together
  7. The Unexpected Request
Mucklestone, Rosemary
  1. Amazing Honesty
O'Brien, Bekah 
(historical fiction)
  1. Martha's Fun Summer (Volume 1)   HAR
  2. Martha's Mysterious Stranger
  3. Martha's Long Winter
  4. Martha's Rough Season
  5. Martha's Sowing Season
  6. Martha's Journey
Pennington, J. Grace
  1. Never  HAR
Platt, Justus
  1. His Father's Command: A Tale of Duty in the Days of Wycliffe and Tamerlane
Putzke, Emily Ann
(historical fiction)
  1. Ain't We Got Fun
  2. It Took a War  HAR
  3. Resist
  4. Sweet Remembrance

Putman, Cara
  1. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Business Law

  2. Canteen Dreams
  3. Sandhill Dreams
  4. Captive Dreams
  5. Cornhusker Dreams 
  6. A Promise Forged
  7. A Promise Born
  8. A Promise Kept
  9. Ohio Brides 
  10. Stars in the Night
  11. Shadowed by Grace: A Story of Monuments Men
  12. Where Tree Tops Glisten
  13. Timeless Treasures
  14. Mixed Motives
  15. Mason Jar Mayhem
Rittenhouse, Rachel
  1. Finding Faith
  2. Discovering Hope
  3. Accepting Change
  4. Changing Traditions
Rose, Ivy
  1. The Old River Road
Rossano, Rachel
  1. Word and Deed
Roth, Kellyn
  1. The Dressmaker's Secret   HAR
  2. Ivy Introspective
  3. The Lady of the Vineyard
  4. Flowers
  5. Esther Ashton's New Dress
  1. Death Be Not Proud
Ruggieri, Alicia Roque
  1. The House of Mercy
  2. The Mystery of the Missing Cufflinks HAR
  3. The Fragrance of Geraniums   HAR
  4. All Our Empty Places
  5. A Love to Come Home To
  6. A Holy Passion
Sawyer, Sarah Elizabeth
  1. Touch My Tears         HAR
  2. Tushpa's Story
  3. The Executions
  4. Traitors
Schamel, Amber
  1. Days of Messiah -The Healer's Touch   HAR
  2. Days of Messiah - The Messiah's Sign
  3. Days of Messiah - The Master's Calling
  4. The Swaddling Clothes     HAR
  5. Remington Colt's Revolutionary War Series - The Declaration of Indepedence - Volume 1
  6. Remington Colt's Revolutionary War Series - The Declaration of Independence - Volume 2     HAR
  7. Remington Colt's Revolutionary War Series - The Declaration of Independence - Volume 3 
  8. Dawn of Liberty
  9. Solve by Christmas
Scheele, Sarah
  1. Victoria
  2. Bellevere House
  3. The Test of Devotion
Schnee, Alexa
  1. Shakespeare's Lady
Schmidt, Jenelle Leanne 
  1. He Whistles for the Cricket
Sweeney, Ashton 
  1. Karissa's Unwavering Faith
Tero, Amanda
  1. Journey to Love
  2. Letter of Love
  3. Maggie's Hope Chest   HAR
  4. Noelle's Gift
  5. Debt of Mercy   HAR
  6. Hartly Manor
Thomson, Rachel Starr
  1. Magdalene
Wand, Hayden
  1. Hidden Pearls
Wahlquist, Elisha 
  1. Adele: Two Girls. Two Paths. One Revolution
Weiland, K. M.
  1. A Man Called Outlaw
  2. Behold the Dawn          HAR
  3. The Memory Lights
  4. The Saddle Daddy Rode
  5. One More Ride in the Rain
Whisper, Willowy
(historical fiction, contemporary fiction)
  1. The Innocent
  2. The Letter
  3. The Pursued
  4. Here All the Time
  5. This Hostile Land
  6. Only Children Chase Sawdust
Willis, Alicia A.
  1. To Birmingham Castle: A Tale of Friendship and Adventure    HAR
  2. In Search of Adventure: A Tale of Courage and Devotion    HAR
  3. Rising to the Challenge: A Tale of Perseverence and Unconditional Love
  4. God of Her Fathers             HAR
  5. Remembering the Alamo   HAR
  6. From the Dark to the Dawn: A Tale of Ancient Rome   HAR
  7. Grace Triumphant: A Tale of the Slave Trade   HAR
Willis, Kate
  1. Red Boots
Wren, Ella
  1. Lapis Lazuli for Hope