Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Favorite Summer Films: Part 2

J. Grace Pennington ~ One movie I always get the urge to watch when summer rolls around is Anne of Green Gables with Meagan Follows.  I love the book series so much, and they got absolutely everything perfect in that movie.  It's so beautiful and innocent and I love Anne's character, plus it just reminds me of a sweeter, simpler time and makes me want to roam the White Way of Delight with Anne and Diana on a warm summer day.  I think it's about time for a trip to the library to check that one out...

Sarah Brazytis ~ Well, to be honest…I don’t have one! I seldom watch movies; my one true love is books. It’s too hard to find movies to fit my criteria – the same I use for books – and even if I could, I would still love books more! Books are engaging (I can’t put this down…maybe I can eat supper while holding it in one hand…), interactive (page-turning), can be paused without a remote (Whoops! I forgot the laundry!), and you can study multiple characters at one time in the same scene!
May I, then, offer my favorite summer book?
Hands down – The Emancipation of Aunt Crete by Grace Livingstone Hill*. Smell the sea, feel the rustle of a new silk dress, taste the ice cream cones, hear Sousa’s orchestra, and delight in a love as delightful as any romance written…the love of a nephew for his aunt. This book is a must-read for a hot day!
*Grace Livingston Hill wrote hundreds of books, many of them romances. While I do not condone or read her novels in general, this is a sweet story of love between a nephew and his neglected maiden aunt, and I have found it very touching and uplifting.

Jenelle Schmidt ~ Favorite summer movies would include Independence Day, The Princess Bride (a favorite any time of year), Sahara, Pride and Prejudice (2005 Kiera Knightley or A&E version), Dreamer, Anne of Green Gables, Sense and Sensibility, and The Rookie.

Sarah Brown ~ I can't say that this is specifically a "summer movie," but my favorite film right now is Like Stars on Earth, a film produced completely in India (the Hindi title is Taare Zameen Par). An English version was produced by Disney, so you don't have to watch it in Hindi with English subtitles. It is the most amazing, touching story about a little boy from India named Ishaan who is different from other children and is deemed a failure by almost everyone—including his parents—except for one special teacher: Ram Shankar Nikumbh. Ram sees beyond the exterior to the hurting child inside, and helps Ishaan and his parents realize that Ishaan is an extremely gifted artist. If you are a teacher, or are going to be one, or if you're a parent or work with kids in any way, you need to see this film!

Kendra Ardnek ~ I'm not really a TV/Movie Person, to begin with, and summer's for running around outside in the sprinklers. However, I have been watching H20: Just Add Water, a show about three Australian girls who turn into mermaids when they get wet, here and there, I don't love the show, but it's interesting.

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  1. @J Grace Pennington Yes! Love those! Meagan Follows was just perfect in that role!