Monday, July 11, 2016

Favorite Summer Films: Part 1

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Nicole Sager ~ My favorite TV series is Signed, Sealed, Delivered from the Hallmark Channel! So much depth, fun, emotion, and nearly always a biblical application, this show can bring the tears as well as the laughs. Of course no show is 100% perfect, but this has been one incredibly clean and enjoyable experience after another! I even bought the T-shirt!! Go Postables! ;)

Rebekah Morris ~ My favorite TV series of all time is Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye. The first year we got these, we ended up watching the entire series four times. While I wouldn’t recommend these for younger children, teens and adults will probably enjoy them. As for movies, it is so hard to pick a favorite. I’ll settle for two or three. Follow Me, Boys, Destination Tokyo and Sound of Music.

Kyleigh Dunn ~ We live in Japan right now, and the anime company Studio Ghibli is very popular. My Neighbor Totoro is one set in the summer that we find fun for the whole family... and is quoted a lot in our house as our toddler reminds us a lot of Mei, one of the main characters.

Amber Schamel ~ My family doesn’t have TV, and we don’t watch many movies, especially in the summer time. Summer on the ranch is work from sunrise to sunset, so that doesn’t leave much time for entertainment. :) We did watch Risen the other day though, and I enjoyed it.

Morgan Huneke ~ No matter what the season, my favorite movie is the same. After all, it contains every season. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (2005), as a relatively faithful adaptation of the first book of my childhood favorite series, never ceases to amaze me. There’s so much depth of theological meaning in it, just as in all the Narnia stories. I notice new elements of the allegory every time, despite having the movie memorized, and it gives me a new appreciation for what Jesus did for me.

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