Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Books by Rachel Rossano

A stand alone novella set in a medieval world tentative named "Five Kingdoms," The Mercenary's Marriage follows the relationship of a mercenary and a slave. Choosing Brice as his part of the plunder after a siege, Darius marries her and spends most of the book trying to earn her trust (and love). Brice resists him because of the many years of abuse at the hands of her master and his family.
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The first of four books following the Theodoric family, The Crown of Anavrea follows the relationship of Labren/Trahern and Eve. Labren, a man on the run, has reached the end of his strength until Eve steps in and refuses to let him give up. She nurses him back to health at risk to herself, and he offers her the legal and physical protection of marriage. A bit of a choosing to love despite fierce opposition tale. Like The Mercenary's Marriage, it takes place in the world of the "Five Kingdoms" during a different time period. It is another novella.
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Exchange is my first published attempt at writing a short story and my first attempt at science fiction. Isolated on a distant planet, she is incarcerated for a crime she doesn’t recall. She has no name, no idea where she came from, or why she is injected with drugs to hold these vital facts from her grasp. Despite small rebellions, she wastes away, worn and losing hope of ever being whole again. Then he arrives. Claiming to hold the answers burned daily from her brain, he offers her a way out. But at what cost?
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Word and Deed is a short story set in the Medieval time period. Verity Favian's father dies unexpectedly. Her half-brother, Verdon, lays claim to all their father left behind: title, castle, and her. Verdon cannot touch the land set aside for her dowry so he offers her hand for sale to the highest bidder. Lord Silvanticus, a man renowned for his military power and close ties to the king, makes the winning bid. Despite the rumors of Silvanticus’ madness and cruelty, Verdon accepts.
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