Saturday, July 14, 2012

Announcement Saturday: 11 more to go

We only need 11 followers to start our giveaway! Tell your friends about Homeschool Authors and get them to follow the blog.

Authors Added
Amy Dashwood
Rebekah Wall

Books Added
Only a Novel by Amy Dashwood
A Nation Apart by Rebekah Wall

Featured Book
The Cleveland Mysteries Vol. 1: The Lost Rubies


  1. Oh yay, that's me! :D :D

    I will invite my friends to join promptly! I am sure I have a few who are interested!

  2. I put the button for this blog on :)

  3. Posted on Facebook & invited around 30 friends ;)

  4. You mentioned me!!!! *squeak of excitement*
    What a delightful surprise! Thank you, Sarah!