Monday, May 18, 2020

Alicia Ruggieri on A Holy Passion

Alicia, Welcome to Homeschooled Authors. Tell us a little about yourself.
Thanks for having me here! I grew up breathing in the salty air of coastal New England, but I now write grace-filled, Christ-centered fiction from my home in Wisconsin, where I live with my pastor-carpenter husband and sweet second-hand mutt. I love old graveyards, dusty libraries, and excellent cannolis ~ not necessarily in that order.

What draws you to historical fiction?
The people of the past pull me toward it. How God has worked His mysterious and good purposes throughout history intrigues me. I love tracing His good handiwork through the tapestry of the past.

What are some of the authors/books that have inspired you in your historical fiction writing? 
George MacDonald's work encourages me that we don't need to sacrifice an intensely spiritual message for the sake of well-written and engaging fiction; in fact, such a message can actually elevate fiction. I also look up to writers like Bodie and Brock Thoene, Francine Rivers, Michael Phillips, Beverly Lewis, Tolkien, Mesu Andrews, T.H. White, George Eliot, Robin Lee Hatcher, Catherine Marshall, and Angela Hunt. Not all of these write historical fiction, but each has taught me something about writing in general.

What do you find the most challenging part of writing historical fiction?
Specific to historical fiction, a difficulty I've come up against time-and-again rises from various interpretations of a historical person, event, or situation. I want to present people/events/etc. truthfully, without sugarcoating or tar-and-feathering. So these are times when I need to go before God in prayer and seek His direction.

What is the easiest part?
Dreaming up new story ideas!

Do you have a favorite book you've written?
Oh, no. I truly don't. Each one of them, from The House of Mercy (my first one) to Each Perfect Gift (my most recently published one), holds a special place in my heart for different reasons.

What has God been teaching you?
That He usually - always! - has a purpose for me in the writing of each book, usually something He is trying to teach me. He's good at teaching through stories, isn't He? :-)

Any final thoughts?
For fellow writers, don't be afraid to let a story "ferment" in your imagination, mind, and heart for a long time. The initial idea for the story I'm working on now - The Evolution of James Tilney - first tiptoed into my imagination more than a decade ago! I didn't start working on it in earnest until recently. Bring your ideas to the Lord and see where/when He leads you with them.

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  1. I like your taste in authors! Bodie and Brock Thoene write some of the best series, and Catherine Marshall's Christy was one of my favorites. I've also just started my first historical fiction by Angela Hunt, and it's nothing less than riveting. :)


    1. Thanks for stopping by! :-) Yes, I found Angela Hunt only in the last few years and really love her writing!

  2. I enjoyed your interview! I look forward to reading A Holy Passion and your other books. Historical fiction is my favorite genre (to write and read).

  3. Sounds like a lovely book.