Thursday, July 24, 2014

Book Review: The Ranch Next Door and Other Stories

The Ranch Next Door and Other Stories
Age Appropriate For: All Ages
Best for Ages: 10 and up

Description: A collection of Western short stories that go beyond the standard action and adventure of the genre to focus on character and conflict. In the award-winning "Disturbing the Peace," honorable mention in the 2010 Rope and Wire short story competition, a sheriff experiences a revelation about himself and his relationship with the people of his town, while in "The Outlaw's Wife," a country doctor worries that his young friend is falling for a married woman whose husband is rumored to be a wanted criminal. From the suspenseful "Cross My Heart" to the comedic romp of "A Rangeland Renaissance," to a Western twist on star-crossed romance in the title story, "The Ranch Next Door," these stories will appeal to a variety of readers, as well as established fans of the traditional Western.

There are just some days where the thought of tackling a full length novel is overwhelming. The thought of wading through 200 to 500 pages is too much. For days like that, short stories are such a blessing, and collections like The Ranch Next Door make it even better.

Short stories can often feel rushed, or poorly done. In the case of The Ranch Next Door and Other Stories, that is not true. The stories are well written and felt compete. Elisabeth Grace Foley is truly talented in engaging her readers and connecting them to her character in a very short space of time, a key element in successful short stories.

I loved the western feel to all the stories. My siblings and I were obsessed with Roy Rogers, the Lone Ranger, and other western movies when we were younger. These stories brought back those fond memories of those days. Even though they were western, they were fresh and unique stories.

I highly recommend this collection for those looking for a nice, clean, short story collection.

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