Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Ranch Next Door and Other Stories: What Reviewers Have Said

The Ranch Next Door and Other Stories
“Wonderfully told short stories that will hold your attention until the last word...Foley injects a breath of fresh air into the Western genre.” ~ Matthew Pizzolato, The Western Online

“Descriptions of both people and settings are superbly done and dialogue is believable. I can honestly say there isn’t a weak story to be found here...I believe that all western fans will find something to enjoy in this collection.” ~ Western Fiction Review

“Foley has a firm, intelligent grasp on the storytelling style she brings to her subject matter. The tone and mastery of language is consistent throughout. After a couple stories, you just know you’re in competent hands.” ~ Ron Scheer, author of How the West Was Written

“Well written, genre busting stories...focusing on family tensions, and on character rather than on out and out action...brilliantly comic descriptions.” ~ [website now defunct]

“I love the [western] setting and Foley's collection is a perfect example of how artlessly it can fit into the short story length.  She clearly understands how to add just enough detail for the reader to form a rich picture in their mind and not get bogged down by an excess of scenery description…If you enjoy westerns, this is definitely an author you'll want to check out.” ~ Alain Gomez, Book Brouhaha

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