Monday, August 12, 2019

Kellyn interviews book characters Adele and Troy

Hello there! I’m Kellyn Roth, and today I’m honored to be allowed to post an interview with two characters from my latest series, Kees & Colliers, Adele Collier and Troy Kee.

The first book, The Lady of the Vineyard, came out in June, the second, Flowers in Her Heart, came out in July, and the third, From Now ’Til Forever, came out this August. I’m working on some spin-off novellas now!

Let’s get into the interview.

Me: First off, could you two introduce yourselves?

Adele: Of course! I’m Adele Collier, and I was born in Kent but have lived in London since I was eighteen. I love bright colors, loud noises (you know, as long as they’re not raucous), happy people, and tea. But not coffee.
Troy: And I’m Troy. I was born in London, but I … partially grew up in France. My uncle owns a vineyard. And, um, I like muted colors and no noises and—
Adele: Don’t say you like sad people just to be opposite.
Troy: I wasn’t! I do like sincere people, though. So whatever they’re feeling, let them feel it. And I like coffee. But not tea.
Adele: *sigh*

Me: Okay, you two. Next question. What are some of the most important things in life to you?

Troy: Well, God comes first, always. But my family is the most important thing on earth to me, and I do care greatly for my vineyard. And my dog. Everyone ought to have a dog.
Adele: What Troy said, except the dog and the vineyard.
Troy: Are we just going to keep answering the same things?
Adele: What did you want me to say? “Oh, no, I hate God and my family.” Of course I wasn’t going to say that.
Troy: You … have a point.

Me: Here’s something I know you’ll answer differently on. What’s one thing you learned during the course of your books that has really stuck with you?

Adele: Oh, heavens.
Troy: There’s a lot.
Adele: Definitely! I suppose I’d start with … how do I describe it? Letting go of selfishness. Focusing on God then on my family then on everything else. What love is and what it isn’t.
Troy: I learned to play the accordion.
Adele: You did not! We’re putting that thing back in the attic where it belongs.
Troy: Okay, but really, that love isn’t letting someone hurt you, that God is there even when you don’t feel Him or when you rebel … I mean, can you summarize a life in a paragraph? I don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

Me: Well, we’re here to listen! But let’s move on. If you could visit any country, where would you go?

Troy: France.
Adele: But you live in France.
Troy: I like it here.
Adele: I can see that. Well, I’d probably visit Italy or New York.

Me: What are your thoughts on animals? Do you have a favorite?

Adele: I might like a nice quiet cat. And horses are sweet, too—I always wanted a pony when I was small. But I’m not really an animal person overall. Especially dogs.
Troy: This is why you are such a horrible person.
Adele: TROY!
Troy: Who wouldn’t love dogs? Dogs are great! They’re man’s best friend.
Adele: Well, maybe they’re just not this woman’s best friend.
Troy: Hmph.

Me: Favorite colors?

Adele: Blue.
Troy: Brown.
Adele: No comment.
Troy: It’s a warm and pleasant color. Like chocolate and dirt.

Me: And our last question for today: what do you like most about the other? (I’m trying to banish your constant negativity.)

Troy: Well, definitely not her dislike of dogs, coffee, and all other very important things.
Adele: Oh, shush, you. I’ll go first if you’re going to be stubborn. I love his sense of honor and his sense of humor, and I love that he is strong and trustworthy and loving even when I’m, well, difficult. And he’s a good dad.
Troy: Well, gosh, you’re going to make me cry.
Adele: Be serious. I was.
Troy: *deep breath* I’ve always thought I’ve loved everything about her, but I think if I had to pick a favorite thing, it would definitely be the intensity she throws herself into everything. Sometimes that’s not good—but oftentimes, it is. That means she can be a warrior, and I’m proud of her for that. It’s passivity, no matter what it’s in, that you have to look for.
Adele: Aw!


And that’s the interview! Before you go, I have a giveaway … a paperback copy of the first book in the Kees & Colliers series, The Lady of the Vineyard! And some bookmarks, of course. Can’t live without ’em.

Well, that’s it for today! Thanks for reading this post.

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