Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Eight Reasons Why I Loved Traitor's Knife (Guest Post)

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Eight Reasons Why I Loved Traitor's Knife: Five Gems Book 2
(review by Rebekah Stargazer)

1) Fia, our brave heroine! She's brave and has spunk, but she's just a sixteen-year-old girl. She'll cook and do laundry and watch other people's children with the most ordinary of them. But her knack for overhearing other peoples conversations can be . . . quite dangerous. She's a lovable heroine and I was so rooting for her.

2) Ilido, the stable boy! A little mysterious, a little grave, and a lot sweet. He can also be quite sad and keeps secrets. And he just might be in a lot of danger. I absolutely loved him and he melts my heart.

3) Varied characters! Unique and intriguing characters wander around between the pages of this book. From the old woman who is the master jeweler, to little orphaned children, a Spymaster, a princess, a dangerously curious sister, a cook, the jeweler master's middle-aged son, and the new messenger. Each of the characters has their own personality and adds something cool to the story. There are many plot twists and turns, and some interesting developments regarding certain characters. And one of them . . . may be a traitor. There are a lot of feels involved!

4) Everything about the setting! Snow, pines, sheer icy cliff-side paths. This book will make you feel like it's winter outside. And there's even a deadly snow leopard.

5) Gorgeous jewelry. Fia, our resident jeweler's apprentice, comes into contact with a lot of beautiful gems. I loved reading about her learning the craft of jewelry making and watching her etch designs in wax for practice. There are a lot of lovely details in this book! <3 p="">
6) Equines are everywhere. So many cute horses! If you're a horse girl you will love the horsey-ness. If you know zilch about horses (*cough*me*cough*), you're in for an education. But either way you will LOVE our horsey hero, Happy. Fia rides him a lot and he is such a fun animal to read about!
7) Much fun. The characters, the dialogue, the mystery and the unwinding plot threads make for a very enjoyable read. There is even a large dose of suspense!

8) Summing up: this book has adventure, friendship, snow, feels, horses, betrayal, secrets, spies, danger, and a dash of faith! It's a rollicking read best enjoyed by teen girls, but there's no reason why the whole family wouldn't love it too. It's 100% squeaky clean, but there is a bit of blood and some action/fighting. It's a lot of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I think you will too. :)


  1. Well put, Rebekah! This really sums up my feelings about Traitor's Knife as well. :)

  2. I need to read it! :D *pushes it higher on my enormous TBR list*

  3. Thanks for your terrific post, Rebekah!!! It's wonderful to hear feedback like this, and I'm so glad you enjoyed Traitor's Knife!!