Monday, March 28, 2016

Tialla Rising on Where Shadows Lie

What have you been up to since the last time you were here?
Oh boy, so much has happened since I was last interviewed for my book, “Holding the Future Hostage”!  I took about six months off from writing, then started on the first draft of my second book, “Where Shadows Lie.”  Since then, I spent two years completing the book, published it in June of 2015, and have been taking a bit of a break from writing since then, but I plan to start up again soon!

What great Homeschooled Authored books have you read recently?
A few months ago, I read “Be Thou My Vision” by Faith Blum, which was pretty good, and I would recommend it as a Family Read-Aloud for Christians!

What inspired Where Shadows Lie?
WSL follows the story of Shawn, one of my characters from my first book.  WSL takes place after my first book, so it is basically just a continuation of his story and the other main characters from “Holding the Future Hostage.”  Shawn was always my favorite character in my first book from the moment I first wrote him in, so I couldn’t just walk away without continuing his story.

What was the hardest part of writing this book?
Editing and revisions.  Seriously, so many headaches and late nights trying to put it all together and fix plot holes.

What was the easiest?
I’m pretty sure writing the outline was the easiest, unless I can count the formatting/publication process, which would be the easiest by far.

Where can people buy a copy?
It’s available here on Amazon and here on Barnes and Noble (available on both Kindle and Nook as well), or they could always just contact me for a copy via email ( or Facebook.

Where can they keep up with you and your writing?
Facebook is always a good option, as well as my monthly newsletter, my blog, my website, and if they are the social type, Instagram and Snapchat (@tiallarising).

Do you have any final thoughts?
Thank you so much for having me on the site, Sarah!  I wish everyone the best in their writing adventures!

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