Thursday, July 30, 2015

Our Favorite Summer Activities Part 2

Emily Putzke
I know what you're thinking. "Her favorite summer activity is eating?" Well ... maybe ... =) One of the best things about summer is homegrown vegetables from our garden. Beans and fried zucchini are two of my favorites dishes. 

Amber Schamel

One of my family's favorite summer activities is playing volleyball at potlucks or picnics. In this picture, we're actually in Florida on vacation playing volleyball at night with some church friends. 
Over the Fourth of July, we went to a picnic in Walnut Ridge, AR. It had rained something awful so the ground was VERY muddy. It didn't take long, and our grassy volleyball court was mud too. I wish I had a picture of my brothers. They were covered in mud. COVERED. They take their game serious, so diving for the ball, mud or not, was happening. LOL.

Kendra Ardnek
Favorite Summer Activity: This is a picture of me inside my invisible rocket. Living in the sauna of East Texas, It's always nice to have a getaway that's cool and dry - so I use my rocket to take regular trips to the moon. However, since it's invisible, it doesn't show up will in pictures, so you'll have to look carefully.

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