Friday, August 1, 2014

Book Review: In His Image

In His Image (Firmament, #2)
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Age Appropriate For: 10 and up for mild violence
Best for Ages: 12 and up

Description: It was supposed to be a routine check of a parched planet. That was what Andi expected when she joined the small exploration team, but when their shuttle crash landed, the unthinkable happened—they encountered intelligent life. Now stranded on the strange world, the team accidentally angers the iron-fisted leader of the village, and the compassionate intervention of a young native named Elasson may be all that's keeping them alive. Their shuttle seems beyond repair, the oppressive heat is sapping their strength, and the local ruler is determined to execute them. Can Andi help find a way to escape before it's too late?

After finishing Firmament: Radialloy, I was very eager to read the next book. I had to wait, though. Reason? I knew I was going to meet the author and we would exchange books. So I waited to get my paperback copy. After a tortuous week of waiting, I finally got my hands on the book and was able to read.
Wow! This book was even better than the first. Now that I knew the characters from the first book, I got to see them really develop in this story as they encounter something that challenges their faith: Aliens.

The setting was so believable and well developed. I felt as if I really was on Elasson’s planet and with his people. The culture, and their habits and traditions were all woven into the story very well.

The faith element was not heavy, but it was very powerful in my mind. It centered around the question of what you do when you encounter something that seems to go against your faith. I even wrote a whole blog post on it, because it impacted me so. Pennington did an awesome job!

The ending was so amazing. I won’t give anything away, but it was brilliant. I cannot tell you how amazing it really was. I cannot wait to read more of J. Grace Pennington’s books in the future.

I highly recommend this book to those who like sci-fi, well written stories, and are looking for something out of the ordinary.

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