Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Advice from a Character by Jessica Greyson

Hello Dear Readers,

Jessica has been trying to come up with a guest post for weeks now, and like every time she has to come up with something, she just stares at the blank page wondering what she should say. LIKE ALL OF THE TIME. I think it’s because she doesn't have us, (her characters) to rely on to come up with something. Subjects are nice and ambiguous with little personality...if they have any at all. So, since Jessica has no advice to offer, I will offer you some.

How to create characters. First off, Jessica doesn't always get this right. I mean no offense we all love her and everything but,  dear authors out there, take advice from your characters! Do you know she went through three drafts of Annabeth’s War to get that story right? You see, Characters KNOW BEST. (Get that Tangled song out of your head, it’s not the same thing.) We aren't wise and all knowing, we are human-ish (I mean we don’t have actual real live bodies outside of your imagination, but we are least to you. Don’t worry, we will stop haunting you after you get us published, unless we have sequels planned, other than that, good luck.)  However, we do know things about us and our world that you won’t know unless you follow our cues and do our bidding. We don’t like being puppets on a string anymore than you do. Listen to your characters, that is the only way they become real, and have a chance to breathe, not only to you but to your reader. If you smother us, even if you don’t agree with what we are doing, you smother the story and the reader. I am not saying that there aren't lines you shouldn't cross. Some aren't meant to be touched, but don’t put us in a box. We are meant to be flawed human beings, and make those mistakes you cringe over, and want to cry at what we've done, we still have to make them because it’s what makes I guess that is point one. Don’t put us in a box, let us breathe, and do our thing.

Daydream. Come, I invited you into a world that has been created just for me. Get lost, getting to know me and my world, gather inspiration from the world that surrounds both of us, yours and mine. Take me on walks so I can talk your ear off, listen to music I’ll show you my theme songs. I’ll give you bits of my soul when you read the scriptures, there are some good laws and rules and principles that should be in everyone’s life, not just yours, include it in your story, even subtly someone will be touched.

Wear your heart on your sleeve. I am your character, it is my job to rip your heart out, wrap you around my little finger, make you smile and laugh at things...that no one else will ever understand, have you want to buy things no one else will understand because it’s just soooo _____ and everyone will think you are a weirdo. (It’s fine we know you here.) It’s okay to sob at your keyboard, laugh like a maniac at our jokes, and stay up past your usual bed time to spend time with me, you can even get up early I don’t mind.

With Love…
A Character who doesn't dare put their name to this.


  1. Great post! Characters are so much fun. :)

  2. I love it! Can't wait to read "Captive of Raven Castle"!!

  3. Only a writer would ever understand this post. We and our characters are such strange creatures. (At least that's what my non-writing family tells me!) I enjoyed the thoughts from anonymous character. ;)