Sunday, October 21, 2012


  1. Element of Surprise, The (Paperback) (Kindle)
Barrett, Elysse
  1. Fathers and Daughters
  1. So Much More
  2. It's (Not That) Complicated
  1. Learning Lessons From Furry Friends 
  1. The Family Daughter
  2. The Thing I Desire
  3. The Young Maid
  4. The Maiden's Menu
  1. Smattering of Analytical Letters
  2. Matthew's Bible Stories; Noah and the Big Boat
  3. Matthew's Bible Stories; Ester the Brave 
  1. The Homestead Story; First Years
  2. Through the Years Together; Homestead part II
  3. In the Kitchen with Katie
  1. Read for the Heart: Whole Books for WholeHearted Families
  2. Journey's of Faithfulness: Stories for the Heart for Faithful Girls
  1. Tales of the Heartily Homeschooled (with Rachel Starr Thompson)
  1. New Way to Win
  1. How to Create Easy yet Exquisite Earrings
  2. How to Create Beautiful, Beaded Brackets
  3. How to Create Noticeably Noteworthy Necklaces
  4. How to Make a Pearl and Ribbon Necklace (free e-book)
  1. The Battle Book
  2. The Greco-Roman Book
  3. The Barbarian Book
  4. The Armored Glove Book
  5. The Throwing Axe Booklet (free e-book)
  1. Uncompromising
Goforth, Noelle Wheeler
  1. Daughters of Destiny
  1. Send Me, Lord Jesus
  1. Do Hard Things
  2. Start Here
  1. I Kissed Dating Good-bye
  2. Boy Meets Girl
  3. Not Even a Hint
  4. Dug Down Deep
  5. Stop Dating a Church!
  1. Real (Fast) Food
  1. Everyday Life Advice

  1. By Faith, Not by Sight
  1. Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends
  1. Before You Meet Prince Charming
Nyquist, Natalie
  1. Quest for the High Places
  2. Pearl of Beauty; Becoming Maidens of Purity
  1. Uncovering Exciting History
  2. Heroines of the Past Bible Study
  3. Costumes with Character
  4. Countdown to Christmas
  5. Countdown to Easter
  6. Ten Girls from History
  7. Ten Great Adventures
  8. Hoop Skirts and Fabulous Frocks
  9. Songs of the Old West
  10. Heroines of the Past - Civil War
  11. Heroines of the Past - Victorian
  12. Heroines of the Past - Pilgrims 
  13. Heroines of the Past - Pioneer
  14. Heroines of the Past - Patriot
  15. Heroines of the Past -Colonial
  1. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Business Law
  1. Finding the Core of Your Story
  1. Beyond Waiting
  1. Ink on Their Fingers
  1. Heart to Heart: Meeting With God in the Lord’s Prayer
  2. Tales of the Heartily Homeschooled (with  Carolyn Currey)
  3. Pieces of Grace
  4. Letters to a Samuel Generation
  1. Outlining Your Novel; Map Your Way to Success
  1. Bring your Writing to Life
Wickham, Natalie
  1. Pajama School

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