Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Last Heir by Shannon McDermott

An empire among the stars, a child heir, an empty throne
Everyone has his own motives. Everyone has his own desires.
“I feel about the emperorship the way a husband feels about the wife he loves.”
“I desire that high seat. Do you condemn me?”
“My loyalty is mine to give; I will give it as I see fit.”
It has begun.
Only time will tell how it will end.

Emperor Judah Zebulun III has died, leaving behind a wife, a young son, and an empire. Whether by one man or many, this empire must be ruled until the heir has grown. Judah’s empty throne affects more than anyone could have anticipated…
The Governing Halls: political intrigue and conspiracies abound as men scramble to use the situation to gain power and position
The Men and Women Involved: loyalties are tested, relationships are tried and trust is challenged.
All must tread carefully. More than just the Empire hangs in the balance.
Political suspense, touching moments, unexpected twists… The Last Heir.

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