Thursday, November 23, 2017

Enjoy the Poodle Skirt

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Description: Rule one: Keep your hands clean.
Rule two: Careful with the food trays.
Rule three: Visit the soda fountain as often as you like, but don’t make yourself sick.
Rule four: Enjoy the poodle skirt.
Canary is excited to spend a whole week helping her newlywed aunt and uncle run a 50’s diner along with her older siblings Rose and Michael. Even the rules for working there are fun!
But when a routine cleanup presents a mysterious, hand-drawn map, her vacation gets even more exciting than a banana split with hot fudge sauce. And that’s saying a lot!

This is an adorable short story. Its part mystery, part sibling adventure, and one-hundred present fun.

The setting of a 50’s style diner was so much fun! I wanted to visit this place! It actually made me think of a place that I had visited in Fredericksburg, Texas (though this diner sounded even more fun). Reading this will probably make you hungry for a burger and milkshake.

Canary and her siblings are great characters. I love how they work together to try to solve a mystery. It isn’t a scary mystery or a big one, but it is fun. I love how the siblings look out for each other, even in a small way.

I highly recommend this story to those who like short, contemporary stories with hints of mystery, and happy siblings.

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