Friday, November 24, 2017

Befriending the Beast

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Description: Belle has returned unannounced to the castle to restore her relationship with the king, her father. Her hopes are dashed with the devastating message: "The king refuses to see you." Convinced that God has led her home, she is unwilling to return to Lord and Lady Kiralyn. Time is running out for the decision that will change her life. When tragedy strikes, will she and her father be pulled further apart or knit together? Could she stay at the castle even if she will never see her father again?

I’ve wanted to read this retelling for a while. Tero came up with a brilliant idea when she decided to retell Beauty and the Beast, casting Belle’s father as the beast. I’m happy to say that this story met my expectations.

You can always count on Tero to have strong faith element. I loved how Belle did what she knew was right even if it wasn’t easy. I like how she did what was right even when people older than her, who also loved the Lord, tried to convince her to do something else. It is an excellent lesson for younger readers.

The setting was fun and fairy-tale like, minus the magic that normally makes its way into these kinds of stories. Kingdom fiction seems to be the best classification for this tale. The castle and gardens that were described were beautiful and a worthy setting for the story.

There are several notable characters in this story, but some of them come across as flat, and motivations are at times fuzzy. However, I would say that is more than made up for by the stellar plot and well-written story.

I highly recommend this story for anyone who loves fairy-tales, faith-building stories, and happy endings.

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