Saturday, May 31, 2014

This Summer on Homeschool Authors....

Read-to-Win challenge!

How would you like to get a lot of books at a discounted rate?

Would like to help authors by leaving reviews on their books?

Would you like to win a brand new Kindle?

This summer, Homeschool Authors is hosting our first ever summer reading challenge and giveaway!

Every week a different author will be stopping by and their Kindle book will be discounted to $1.99 or less.

What could you win?

First Prize
Kindle loaded with a book by each of the featured authors
File:Kindle Paperwhite 3G.jpg

Second Prize
 Five digital books (winner gets to pick from a list)

Third Prize
Two digital books (winner gets to pick from a list)

Forth Prize
One signed paperback book

 Here is how you earn entries:
Buy the book on Amazon (make sure you get it while it is discounted)
Write a review at least 100 words long
Post that review on Amazon
Enter the link to your review in the Rafflecopter box

For this huge giveaway, we will be verifying every entry. Make sure your entries fall with in these guidelines so they are counted.
The book must be a verified Amazon purchase (which means it was bought through Amazon)
The review must be at least 100 words long
The review need to be posted between June 1-August 31, 2014. 

Why are we making this a little more difficult than other times? Because we want to make sure that all entries are valid entries, and not just some people making things up to get a Kindle. We want YOU to win or at least have a really good chance. 

Are you ready? Here is the list of authors and books that will be featured (More details coming soon)
June 2 – Katie Daniels (Superhero of the Day)
June 9 – Jordan Smith (A Purple and Gold Afghan)
June 16 – Amber Schamel (Healers Touch)
June 23 – Jessica Greyson (Captive of Raven Castle)
June 30 – Nicole Sager (Hebbros)
July 7 – Jaye L. Knight (Resistance)
July 14 – Rachel Star Thomson 
July 21 –Elisabeth Grace Foley
July 28 – J. Grace Pennington (In His Image)
August 4 –Aubrey Hansen
August 11 – Rachel Rossano (Duty)
August 18 – Sarah Holman (A Different Kind of Courage)
August 25 – Alicia Willis (From the Dark to the Dawn)


  1. So excited for this giveaway!

    Amber Schamel
    Bringing HIStory to Life

  2. What if you have already read and reviewed on Amazon one of these books? I've done both for Captive of Raven Castle, so should I just link my review?

    1. Michaela,

      I am sorry, but the only reviews that count are ones posted between June 1 - August 31 2014. I hope that you will read and review some of the other awesome books on the list.

  3. The picture has the book 'Finding the Core of your Story' for Jordan Smith, but your list of books and authors says 'The Purple and Gold Afghan'. Which one do I buy??

  4. How do I verify that I have purchased this book on Amazon?

  5. Grace,

    If you buy the book on amazon and write a review using that same account, your review will say 'verified purchase' automatically.