Thursday, November 24, 2016

Review: Debt of Mercy

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Description: Raboc’s eyes narrowed to slits and he thrust his arm forward until his fingers closed around Ancel’s throat. The young man knew better than to resist the powerful lord, but his jaw clenched.
“To the dungeon with you. Guards!”
“Lord, have mercy,” Ancel pleaded. “Give me time and I shall pay the other half.”

One evening I decided to read a few of the short stories on my Kindle, and this was one of them. It was very short, and I found myself a little disappointed in it. While it was an interesting retelling of a parable of Jesus, it wasn’t long enough, nor did it have enough unique elements to really make it a stellar short story.

With that said, I did enjoy the story. Sometimes it is helpful to read a fictional story to see an old story through new eyes. For that reason alone, I think this story was worth the fifteen minutes or less it took to read it.

I recommend this short story for those who like stories with clear messages, retellings of parables, and stories set in the Middle Ages.

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