Monday, August 1, 2016

That's a Good Book: Part 1

Kendra Ardnek ~ I'd like to just read all day long, but sometimes I don't have the time or the gumption to read, at which times it takes a special book to break through my meh and keep me glued. Usually, these books have certain things in common, including:
High Concept World or Plot. I want to read stuff that's out of the box and different. I want to read a book and know that I can't get the same experience reading twelve other books. I don't mind a bit of cliche, though, as long as the cliche is handled properly.
Humor. I want to laugh - but it has to be tasteful humor. I don't like slapstick, preferring plays on words, irony, and friendly banter. 
A main character that I can care about. If I don't care, I don't read. 'Nuff said.

Aubrey Hansen ~ As an editor and publisher, I’m always on the lookout for quality.  I have my favorite plots and archetypes, of course,  but regardless of the genre I’m always searching for new talent.  Not only can I learn from their successes, but discovering a new gem gives me hope that a new generation of talented authors is about to rise, and there is a future for independent publishing.

Kyleigh Dunn ~ While I love adventure and description in books, what I look for most is something that will make me think or impact my life in some way. I don’t like finishing a book thinking “That was nice, but it didn’t change me/I didn’t learn anything/take anything away from it.” If I’m going to put the time into reading, I want to get more than relaxation in return.

J. Grace Pennington ~ I think I most hope to find characters that are real, that I can get to know and feel close with, live through their eyes, and be inspired by.  I want to find something in their choices and actions that impacts my mindset or how I live my life for the better.

Sarah Brazytis ~ What I desire most in a book is realism. For me, that takes in two major areas.
I love historical books – fiction and non-fiction. But I have serious problems with the modern ‘historical’ novel these days! Not many people seem to know the basics of life long ago, and proceed to either make it up or take it from their favorite movie. I am also turned off when the characters present ideas, thoughts and attitudes that would not be current to the times. Of course there have always been individualists, but researching for a historical book means more than just finding out what they wore or what they ate. It also includes what most people would have thought and believed.
Then there is just ordinary realism: I like characters to act ‘in character’. I want them to act like ‘real people’! When characters are unreliable and unrealistic, I simply can’t connect with them and find myself uninterested in their future.
And in general? I want a good story – one that leaves you feeling good, glad that right won over wrong, happy for your favorite characters…and wishing for just a little more. Because that’s what a good story is all about!

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