Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Celebrating the 4th: Part 2

Kyleigh Dunn ~ Having grown up overseas, the 4th of July wasn’t something we celebrated a whole lot, but we had to read a lot from this book for school and it’s probably my favorite “patriotic” book.

Sarah Holman ~ This 4th we are using to remodel our kitchen, but most years we invite people over and grill out celebrate our freedom. I love dressing up in patriotic colors. This is a picture of me and my youngest sister in 2015.

Amber Schamel ~ This year I'm celebrating the 240th Independence Day with Samuel Adams! This collection of short stories just released in June. One of my favorite parts of the July 4th celebration is the patriotic t-shirts. :D

J. Grace Pennington ~ I absolutely love the children's series American Adventure.  I've read thirty or so of the forty-eight books, and they are really good stories following one family through American history.  Even as an adult I enjoy them, and since my fourteen-year-old brother loves them, it's fun to help him collect them and to discuss them with him.

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  1. Love the dresses, Sarah!
    Grace, I have that series as well. :D