Monday, July 4, 2016

Celebrating the 4th: Part 1

Sarah Brown ~ We are going to a pool party at my uncle's house, which will be fun, because I LOVE swimming. This will be the first year that we've ever done this, since my uncle just recently moved into the house with a pool, so it's not really a tradition or anything. But one 4th of July tradition we do have is to go out to the lake after dark and watch the huge fireworks show. My dad is the photographer in the family, so I'm afraid I don't have any pictures of either activity of my own!

Kendra Ardnek ~ Our family celebrates the Fourth, not on the day itself, but on the nearest Sunday evening. Why? Because that's when our church celebrates it. One of our church members opens his home to us every year, and we start off the night with a potluck of sorts with hot dogs, hamburgers, and chips, followed by ice cream. One of our evening speakers will usually give a short message, and then as it starts to grow dark, the kids get to run around with sparklers. We conclude the evening with a magnificent fireworks display. We have a marvelous time, and I'm so blessed to have a church that values our independence so highly.

Kate Willis ~ We lived in a tiny rural community for six and half years. A small town where stories are born and never forgotten. Independence Day was one of my favorite celebrations there. Some years we’d all drive half an hour to the “big” town (Population 7,000!) where we’d watch a parade full of too many tractors and logging trucks to count. Afterward we’d stroll through the antique car show, talk with friends, or watch part of the logging show where locals could compete and show off their everyday skills. Other years we would picnic with a few friends and then bundle up in jackets to watch fireworks shoot up over the lake. One of my favorite celebrations was when our tiny church hosted its own party. People were encouraged to dress up in the time period, and several men of the church read patriotic speeches aloud. I’ll always have fond memories of living in that community, and I’m enjoying making new ones in our “big city”.

Nicole Sager ~ In Branson, every day is a celebration of America and it's heroes! This is me and my friends "The Magnificent 7" after an evening of incredible talent, fun, and entertainment, always complete with a patriotic tribute to the USA! Go Red, White, & Blue!

Rebekah Morris ~ I love watching “A More Perfect Union” on the 4th of July and playing patriotic songs on the piano.

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