Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Reading Traditions Part 2

Jenelle Schmidt ~ Mostly I just like to curl up someplace comfy, with a nice cozy blanket, and not be interrupted until I finish reading the book. That... however... doesn’t happen very often, not with three small children needing my constant attention. I usually read on my bed, because I’m the fifteen minutes to an hour right before I go to sleep at night is about all the time I get to read for fun these days.

Grace Pennington ~ I like to read lying down a lot—in bed, or in a hammock, or on the couch.  Sometimes I eat candy or something while reading, but for the most part it gets too hard to both eat and hold the book, and I either get too caught up in the book to eat or too busy eating to focus on reading.  But pretty much if it's possible to read while doing it, I've done it.  Walking, doing dishes, holding babies, knitting, taking a bath.  But my preference would definitely be warm and comfy in bed... maybe with a cup of Irish Breakfast tea... maybe on a nice rainy day.

Morgan Huneke ~ I don’t have a specific thing I do or place I sit to read. Why? Because I read everywhere. When I made my purse, I very specifically made it large enough to carry a book. And so I almost always carry a book. I read in bed, in my family’s library, on the front porch, in the car, on my lunch break at work, while waiting for the rest of the worship team to arrive at church, when political debates get boring and I’m waiting forever for my candidate’s race…if I can take a book there, and not feel guilty about stealing a few minutes to read, I read.

Aubrey Hanson ~ I wish I could say I had good reading traditions, but with my busy schedule, I’m lucky if I can get dedicated reading time!  I sneak most of my reading in bed before light’s out—which, while cozy, isn’t necessarily the best for one’s neck and back!  Or for getting to bed on time, for that matter...  But did I mention it’s cozy?  Because fleece blankets!

Rebekah Morris ~ I don’t usually eat when I read, or drink things other than water either, except for now and then. I’m too busy reading. There are two places I can usually be found reading. If it’s Sunday afternoon, I’ll read on my bed. During the rest of the week, this pink chair is where I love to read.

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  1. This was fun to read! I'm like most of you and get my reading done wherever and whenever I can.