Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Reading Traditions Part 3

Sarah Holman ~ I read all the time all over the place. I carry my kindle with my everywhere and am surrounded by books wherever I am in my home. I have a bad habit of chewing on a fingernail while I am reading. I also consume a large amount of whatever my beverage is that day.

Nicole Sager ~ Most often I sit in my bedroom or the living room (curled up in a rocking chair) when I read. Coffee or hot tea is usually my "reading treat" of choice if I have anything at all.

Sarah Brazytis ~ I am a speed reader. Not the trained kind, but the kind who, like Sara Crewe, gobble up books rather than reading them! If there is a new book in the house, I simply have to read it as soon as possible – and at an insane speed. Unfortunately, this habit of devouring reading material sometimes causes me to miss the fine nuances of a story, and I need to read it over and over to get it all.
But lately my mother, sisters and I have fallen into a delightful habit: we operate a custom sewing business which generates piles of hand-sewing by the end of an average day; and while we girls stitch through the big basket, Mom reads out loud. It has turned an end of the day chore into a downright recreation! Now it’s hard to separate the two activities, and I feel that I get much more out of a book since I am forced to take it in at a slower pace. When I get a new book these days, I’m most likely to place it on the ‘out-loud’ shelf and say, “Mom, I’ve got a huge pile of sewing to do…”

Kendra Ardnek ~ This was a tough question, again, because I never read the same way twice. However, I do have a bad habit of reading the last chapter ahead of time and spoiling the story for myself. Does that count?


  1. Nicole, you got a haircut and your braces off! You probably did a while ago, but I just noticed. :)

    It was a lot of fun to read this post!!