Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Book Review: In Paths of Righteousness

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Description: David Riley is a typical farm boy of the late 1800s, growing up in a Midwest community where religion was a tradition that none dared to challenge. He and his friend Jill set out to explore the “Old Man’s Path,” to uncover the mystery of an old wives’ tale, and it turns into more of an adventure than they bargained for. When they discover long-held secrets in the town of Detweiler, David is determined to find the truth—regardless of the cost.
 As he faces opposition in his quest, David also finds a battle waging within. He and his friends struggle to be kind to Henry, a cruel bully, and his mother, a widow bitter toward God. But as David’s hatred for Henry grows, so does the darkness in his own heart. With an emptiness that threatens to consume him, David despairs of ever pleasing God. Prospects of finding peace appear lost until he meets a strange old recluse who offers him both friendship and hope.
David discovers something in common with the mysterious stranger—but what binds them together threatens to tear his family and community apart. Will he have the courage and determination to stand for what is right? Facing rejection in the greatest decision of his life, David must choose which path to follow: a religious tradition to live by or a faith to die for.

Many parents are always searching for books that will build their children’s faith and character. This book is a great story that can help young and growing hearts to build a strong foundation. It will help them shape their theology regarding salvation and reach out to those who are hurting.
I was very impressed at how well written In Paths of Righteousness was. Keri is a very talented writer who obviously put a lot of effort into this story. Although the style and type of story lends itself best to children and early to mid-teenagers, it is by no means so simplistic that older readers cannot enjoy it.
The subject matter of this book was what impressed me most. Keri tackled what it means to be saved, and didn’t shy away from delving into some tough areas. She also did a great job of building a Biblical foundation for those beliefs. She also wove the message so strongly into her story that you never feel like you are listening to a sermon.
David was a believable character that I am sure many young people will connect to. The supporting cast is equally likable and believable.
I highly recommend this books to young readers who enjoy well-told stories that encourage and build their faith.

I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review. I was under no obligation to write a positive review. The opinions in this review are entirely my own.

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