Monday, January 26, 2015

Interview with J. Grace Pennington

J. Grace Pennington
J. Grace, Welcome back to Homeschooled Authors. Please tell us what you have been up to since our last visit.
Hello, and thank you for having me! In the past year I've published another science-fiction book, taken up medical transcription studies, and been a bridesmaid in a close friend's wedding. Among other things!

You recently released the third book in your Firmament series. How did that make you feel?
I had been working on this book for well over a year, longer than any of my other books, so I was getting very tired of it! But that just meant I was that much more proud of the work I'd done on it when it was finally published.

What do you feel is the biggest difference between Machiavellian and the other two books in the Firmament series?
It's definitely darker than the others, and it's a little more theologically murky. Many readers have said they have trouble distinguishing the good guys from the bad guys, which is exactly what I intended. Without a clear foundation in life, morals can get very confusing very quickly.

t is your favorite quote from Machiavellian?
Machiavellian (Firmament #3)
“It’s against the law,” he stated simply.  “When I joined here, I swore to abide by the laws and policies of the International Space Administration, and that takes precedence over the orders of my Captain,” he lowered his voice, “and even the wishes of my friend.”

Has there been a review for Machiavellian that touched you?
I've loved all the reviews this far, but one that stands out is Leah E. Good's review, because she really nailed the whole reason I began writing the series:

"This story leaves the humanistic tendencies of science fiction no where to be seen and quite un-missed. The Christian worldviews and morals of the author and her characters weave into the story without ever becoming preachy. This series keeps getting better along with the author’s improving writing prowess. I can’t wait to see what will come next. Definitely recommend this book, even to readers who aren't normally fans of sci-fi."

Where can people buy Machiavellian?
Signed copies are available on the website at Unsigned paperbacks and kindle copies can be purchased on

Any hints as to what is in store next for Andi?
I can say that her next adventure will probably be her most challenging yet. It's going to involve a lot more responsibility than she's used to, and those she depends on may not be as helpful as usual. Or will they be more helpful?

Where can people connect with you and get updates on this series?
My website is, and the site for the Firmament series is I also love connecting with readers on Twitter and Facebook! You can follow or like me at or

Thank you for having me on Homeschooled Authors!

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  1. Bought all 3 books for my Kindle. I love this series and am waiting desperately for the next book!