Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What People saying about In His Image

by J. Grace Pennington
In His Image (Firmament, #2)
I was asked to talk about what fans are saying about In His Image, and what some of my favorite reviews have been.  As I mentioned in my interview, Sarah Holman’s review stating that the story encouraged her in her faith was extremely special, but I’ve also very much enjoyed hearing feedback from other readers.  One young lady said that while the first book was perhaps a little too much like Star Trek for her taste, In His Image was different, with a surprising twist.  Several readers stated  that this book was better than the first, giving reasons ranging from better writing style to more realistic character development, to a better integration of elements of religion and faith.  It’s always encouraging to hear that one’s writing is improving!

One of my favorite reviews stated that this book is “sadder” than the previous one, though still with a happy ending, and this reader applauded me for being willing to “rough up” my main character.  I share this lady’s frustration with perfect characters who never seem to get hurt or be in any serious danger, so this was a valuable compliment!

Another encouraging piece of feedback that’s been consistent is the interest among readers who admit that they would not normally call themselves sci-fi fans.  Despite the rather nerdy space elements, they can connect with the adventure, the characters, and the emotion, which is exactly what I was hoping to accomplish.  I’ve also had multiple reports of people reading the book in two days or less, with one reviewer’s sister staying up to read it in one night!

Overall, the reader reaction has been encouragingly positive, which is an incredible blessing to me as the author.  In His Image has been called “suspenseful,” “engaging,” “exciting,” and “out of the ordinary.”  I am humbled by these descriptions, and I can only hope that the novel itself does not disappoint those who read it after seeing what a wonderful picture is painted by its reviewers thus far.

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