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Naomi Jackson on Otherworld: The Book of Things That Are

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Naomi, welcome to Homeschool Authors! Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hello, thank you for having me! I’m Naomi Jackson, a proud homeschool graduate and the author of two children’s books—Hobo Stew and Otherworld: The Book of Things That Are.

Everyone’s homeshooling experience is different. What do you think made yours unique?
One thing that made my homeschooling experience a little different is that for a time I was bedridden. I have a couple of chronic conditions, from about eleven through almost thirteen I really struggled physically. Being able to learn when I was able and fit lessons around my much bigger physical needs made homeschooling a really good fit for me and a huge blessing.

How did being homeschooled prepare you to write?
You know, being homeschooled often means that not only are you a student, but you also function as your own teacher sometimes. That aspect of being homeschooled taught me how to be self-motivated and to set my own schedule and pace myself.  I think those skills have been some of the most important to my work, because being a freelancer means you are your own boss.

What caused you to start writing?
I started writing when I was seven for a school assignment, and I’ve not stopped since!

What inspired Otherworld: The Book of Things That Are?
Otherworld grew out of my love for children’s fantasy and my desire to sort of put a whole bunch of magical places and characters together and see what would happen. When I started writing Otherworld, I thought it was just going to be this amazing joy ride. You know, a sweet and simple story. In the end, though, there are some very bittersweet moments in it. I think it ended up being a lot more about the love and loss between siblings than I knew it would be.

Would you give us a synopsis?
Sure! Here’s the back of the book description:
Someone is granting Mavis’ wishes.
Desperately tired of being bed-ridden, Mavis wished she could go on an adventure. That very night, a ticket appears on her pillow. Train 627 is departing the garden shed at midnight—or so it appears. The destination?
Otherworld is better than Mavis or even Roger could have imagined. There’s the train station and the Gullumgall’ad’s Cave and the Moon. There are Lay Agatha and Esperanza and Harnswiggle and Bollygoggle. Even better, there are so many stops left to explore!
Unfortunately, Mavis makes a dangerously careless wish. And Roger does a very brave and yet very foolish thing to save her.
Will they be able to find The Book of Things That Are and change what is written in time?

Who will enjoy Otherworld: The Book of Things That Are?
You! xD But in all seriousness—Otherworld is a children’s fantasy marked for eight to twelve-year-olds that is being enjoyed by entire families. So it’s cliché, but it really is a book for the young and the young at heart!

Where can people buy your book?
Otherworld: The Book of Things That Are and my first book, Hobo Stew, are both available on

Do you plan to write more books?
Yes! I am writing a new book currently and have a tentative publishing date of October 2019.

Where can people connect with you online?
You can find my blog at There are some cool short stories published there so you’re really going to want to check it out!

I’m also on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for those of you who like to hang out on social media!

Do you have any final thoughts?
Homeshcooling was a great opportunity for me, and I’m very grateful to my parents for investing so much time in my education. So I’d just like to say to all the homeschooling moms and dads reading this—keep going! It’s so, so worth it.
And to all of the homeschooling students considering going into writing themselves—read as much as you possibly can and write as much as you possibly can. It’s the best advice I’ve ever been given for this career!

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