Monday, November 6, 2017

Firmament: Gestern

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Description: Andi Lloyd is more comfortable than most with interstellar travel, but she's not prepared for the perils and peculiarities of a world she has all but forgotten—the planet Earth. As the Surveyor undergoes repairs, her brother August receives a message with news that will send both of them across the world to a place he never wanted to visit again. 
Neither of them are prepared to be thrust into a world of political intrigue amid the tangled forests and crumbling ruins of Austria. They aren't prepared to encounter wild animals and endure cross-country hikes. And they definitely aren't prepared to face it all alone. 
But despite the dangers they must press on into the unknown to find a way to save Andi's life, to decide the fate of Earth itself—and to rescue a lonely girl who just happens to be their little sister.

Anyone who read Reversal Zone will know that it left you desperate for the next book. I was so privileged to be part of the advanced reader team. This book was not a disappointment.

The first thing that people will find is that this takes place on Earth. It is a different feel from the other books in space, but we don’t lose sight of the space age technology, or forget the peril that we are in. Andi, after all, has a limited time to get what she needs to survive. It only takes one message to send her, August, and Crash on an adventure to save a little girl.

This book really focuses on August and Andi’s relationship. I really enjoyed seeing them discover more about each other outside the starship setting. As August is a much-beloved character in this series, many will be happy to learn more about him and see how the adventure affects them.

I love seeing how Andi is growing and changing. As she is being stretched and placed in new situations, you see her maturing and coming into her own. I look forward to seeing how the next book or two develops her character.

One of my favorite aspects is to watch how well Pennington wove the story. So many things are not as they appear and leave you second guessing everything. I know I was surprised by the twists in the story, which doesn’t happen a lot to me. However, this story once again left me in need of the next book. I hope it comes out soon!

I highly recommend this book and series to those who like stories of adventure, sci-fi, and young-adult fiction.

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