Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Top 5 HA books: Part 3

Sarah Holman ~ I have been very busy reading this summer, and I read a lot of great HA books and short stories. Here are my top five picks:
1. Grace Triumphant by Alicia A. Willis
2.  Abaddon's Eve by Rachel Starr Thomson
3. Samara's Peril by Jaye L. Knight
4. Hebbros by Nicole Sager
5. Out of Time by C.J. Darlington

Sarah Brazytis ~ Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to read new books this summer! We did read War Memorial by Elisabeth Grace Foley out loud, which was a nice flashback to one of my favorite places, Gettysburg National Battlefield. I also took advantage of Amanda Tero’s sale on her orphan train books; and in spite of only being able to give them a brief overview, found them a clean, although a very sober, read. You can tell she puts a lot of spiritual thought into her writing, and Marie’s Journey To Love is an in-depth account of a soul finding its way to Christ. I found Edward’s story a bit disappointing, being a ‘triumphant ending’ reader, but it was also very realistic.
Otherwise, there’s been a lot of cookin’, cleanin’ sewin’… and surviving one of the hottest Ohio summers I can remember (please pass the iced spearmint tea!)!

Claire Banschbach ~ I haven't been able to do a lot of reading this summer or this year because of school, so I'll cheat on this one and list five of the top HA books I've ever read and are on my shelf. 
Defy - Tricia Mingerink (actually read this summer and I love the series)
Jupiter Winds - C.J. Darlington (who else is excited about the sequel?!)
From the Dark to the Dawn - Alicia A. Willis (I wasn't really expecting to enjoy this one, but it definitely made me cry at the end which doesn't happen very often).
Behold the Dawn - K.M. Weiland (this one started a little slow and I almost didn't finish it, but I was completely glued to the couch once I gave it "another few pages". It's now one of my favorite books.)
Wren - Rachel Rossano (I really enjoyed this book and loved the character of Wren! I want to read more of the Romany Epistles!)

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