Wednesday, August 3, 2016

That's a Good Book: Part 3

Nicole Sager ~ Being a romantic, of course I love to find a sweet love story, but along the way I always hope for something that gives the story even a little bit of depth. I like for stories to make me think, and I always hope for a reason to laugh (witty dialogue is a major plus!).

Sarah Holman ~ I look for first and foremost a solid faith message that isn't preachy, but also cuts at the heart. I want real characters that struggle but choose what is right (at least most of the time). I like adventure stories that take me to far off places and show daring deeds. I like romance, not the fluffy-insta-love that most writers talk about, but the deep, real kind that is based on more than physical attraction.

Kate Willis ~ I want to be drawn into a storyline that encourages me in my daily walk leaving me forever changed. I’m looking for an understated, sweet romance; action--ordinary or swashbuckling; and definitely humor. ; ) I’m looking for something to write on my heart—something to quote—something to love.

Sarah Brown ~ hope to find very developed characters who are believable and real, whom I can relate to and can actually feel what they are feeling and going through. I like a little bit of God-honoring romance, but not anything passionate, gushy, or cheap. I am not big into sci-fi or action/adventure (like wars or secret agencies, etc.). I love when a book can depict everyday, normal life with new and interesting twists to it (like Chautona Havig does when she has a 22 year old girl suddenly inherit 8 children!). It's believable, it's set right here on planet earth (not on some made up planet or time period), I can relate to it because it depicts everyday life (eating, work, making meals, planning, painting the house, ...anything), but there's some new and unique twist added to the mix (like a woman who wakes up one day having completely forgotten her entire past, as in None So Blind). (Can you tell yet that I'm a big fan of Chautona's work?) It must also uphold Christian values and principles, but should also be real and tangible, not preachy and perfect. I'm pretty passionate and even a little picky about what I consider to be high-quality reading material. :-)

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