Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Our Book Shelves: Part 3

Amber Schamel
I have lots of literal bookshelves that are stocked with books of all ages, types and shapes, but with as much as I travel, the bookshelf I actually use is on my Kindle and Goodreads. I have found Goodreads to be tremendously helpful in keeping track of the countless books on my kindle, and what I want to read next. I have a special shelf dedicated to the books I’ve sent to my Kindle or downloaded for free, and I often go off of that when deciding what to read next. Oh yes, and that's my favorite coffee mug there with a quote from War Room. ;)

Sarah Holman

J. Grace Pennington

Rebekah Morris

Jenelle Schmidt
I tried to get a good picture of myself with my bookshelf, but mine are all the upper shelves of a built-in bookcase and kind of spread out everywhere, so it was kind of difficult to include myself. But the books were happy to pose by themselves. 

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