Tuesday, July 1, 2014

WHAT’S THE WORD? by Nicole Sager

Hebbros (Companions of Arcrea, #1)Reviews are so helpful in deciding whether or not you want to read a particular book. If you’re uncertain, and you look to find that 9 out of 10 people have given it a high rating as well as described it with words like “Amazing!” “Incredible!” “Best book ever!” …Well, you’re more likely to read it than if they had given it 1 out of 50 stars and described it as the “Worst book to ever burden a shelf.”

Hebbros is my latest release (it came out in May of this year), and so I haven’t had many reviews yet. Unfortunately, this means I don’t have much with which to recommend it as your next read. Fortunately, this also means you’ll get to be some of the first to share your opinion of Hebbros with the rest of the world! (That’s a nice thought, right? …Maybe? …Maybe not?) J

Anyway! My thanks to those who have already shared reviews for Hebbros! Here’s what they had to say:

Alice – 5 Star Rating

"It is the children who will be most malleable in your hands. Train them up in the way you would have them to go, and the next generation of Mizgalians will be the first of many to reach the state of perfection that I seek."

Hebbros is a city in search of the truth. What is truth? Can the truth be changed? If so, what is to keep the truth from changing day to day? Who controls truth?
A young boy is challenged to discover the answers to these queries himself. Once the truth is discovered and embraced, keeping it alive and sharing it with others proves a greater challenge.
Luke is opposed on all sides - evil men are determined to silence the Faithful and outlaw their powerful God. The faith of Luke and his small band of comrades is continually tried and tested as they battle for truth, right over wrong, the overthrow of the rampant evil in their city, and freedom from the bondage of lies.

Hebbros is a tale brim full of adventure, mystery, intrigue, laughter, discovery, friendship, betrayal, loyalty, and peace. Familiar faces bring back the tales of Arcrea we first fell in love with, and scores of new ones recapture our interest and our excitement for more. Friends and foes alike will be made on this epic journey.

Nicole Sager is a talented author with a sincere desire to extend truth to others and to share the gift of love and salvation that is offered to us by the One true God - Jesus. You will spot eye-opening analogies of our current times and happenings within the pages of Hebbros that add a personal and inspirational touch to the story.

I highly recommend Hebbros to everyone; children and adults alike will enjoy this clean Christian fantasy (with absolutely no magic/mysticism!) that holds a powerful message for each and every one of us to be encouraged, convicted, and inspired by.

Will the freeing truth of the Faithful be silenced by evil? Or will mercy and righteousness prevail?

Becky – 5 Start Rating

AMAZING!!!! I LOVED this book. I laughed, I was sad, surprised, moved. It made me think. I got on my soapbox a couple of times. I really really enjoyed reading this. It was neat to meet new friends as well as see some old ones. Such a great blend of stories and characters. Some may be surprised at who they catch a glimpse of. ;) I am looking forward to Nicole sharing some of her Author fun facts now and then because I've heard some and they create quite "ah!" moments.

Enjoy! And for those of you are Faithful...stand firm! And for those of you who are not.. the door has not yet been closed!

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