Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Book Review: A Handful of Flowers by Rebecca Rash

A Handful of Flowers: a short story collection
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Age Appropriate For: All Ages
Best for Ages: All Ages

Description:  "Are you crazy? He'll scalp ya!" Perplexed by the death of her mother, and struggling with the care of her baby sister, Johnnie's life has become one of turbulence. When questions arise that leave her in the dark, she and cautious friend Arnie set out on a journey to find the answers. Will the crazy old man on the hill be able to help them? Read about Johnnie and four other youth as acts of kindness change lives.

I am really into shorter books this year. I also am trying to read as many homeschool authored books as I can. I decided since Rebecca was going to be on the blog, to go ahead and buy her book to read. I am so glad I did.

Rebecca has a lot of talent. Her unique style and writing voice comes through clearly in these stories.  I cannot wait to read something else by her.

This was not a long read (it took my two evenings to get through) but it is worthwhile. The stories were not only entertaining and well written, they were thought-provoking and conversation starters. Only That, was by far my favorite and the one that challenged me the most. I work every week at a food pantry and this was a powerful reminder of why.

The messages of these stories were wonderful and with deep roots in scripture. Rebecca is not afraid to tackle hard and scary questions. What happens when you die and why does God allow bad things are just two of the questions she addresses in the pages of this collection. She gives real and satisfying answers.

Those who are always trying to find stories without romance will be greatly encouraged. None of these stories have any romance in them. There are friendships and family relationships, but no romance.

I highly recommend this collection for a family read aloud, those looking for thought-provoking fiction, and for those who love a well told tale.

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