Monday, December 16, 2013

Bending the Rules Just a Bit

Sarah has asked a few of us to share our 10 most influential books. It’s been a tough choice, and I am bending the rules just a bit, because there are so many that I love, I wanted to share just a little bit more and mix in a little variety!

G.A. Henty
Beric the Briton & Wulf the Saxon are the first two books I read by this marvelous Victorian author, and made me fall in love with his stories. His sense of adventure, the strong right and wrong, his loveable heroic heroes, the chivalry, and sweet light touch of romance that would frequently thread themselves into his stories. This man knew how to tell a story, a historically accurate one that thrilled you to the heart, held your breath on every page and left enough space on the pages for you to fall into the story if you wanted to and lose yourself in the world of his characters.

Where can you find G.A. Henty?
For free e-copies offers a wide selection for free, as does the Gutenberg Project and a few other places.
For a physical copy of the book check places grace and truth books, vision form and of course they have it all amazon.

Lois Walfrid Johnson,
For me, Lois Walfrid Johnson reinvented modern Christian fiction literature. I had read so many flimsy Christian children/young adult books, that I had given hope up on the genre. Then I met Lois Walfrid Johnson’s Northwood’s Series, I had initially turned down her books at a conference but when my mom brought me home a 8 of the books for quarter each, I couldn’t say not reading them any longer. I drudged myself up the stairs, and discovered the friend I had been waiting for. Mrs. Johnson writes refreshing, delightful, bright mysterious real, relatable characters, that breathed themselves right off the page and into my life and heart. Strong Christian morals, without forcing it or forgetting it she tells compelling stories that will keep you lost in words for hours on end. She is one author I can recommend to anyone and everyone without hesitation.
Books by Lois Walfrid Johnson
Northwood Series,
Riverboat Series,
Viking Series.
You can find her books on amazon, order them through your Christian or local bookstore and at

Books that inspire me as a person.

Coronation of Glory by  Deborah Alcock.
Lady Jane Grey is one of my historic heroes. Her life story is absolutely inspiring and convicting. Though I’ve read several book about Lady Jane Grey, I would certainly say that this is the best, portraying the faithful young woman, whose faith was utterly amazing and inspiring.

Teddy’s Button. Amy LeFurvere
I love old fashioned literature, and this one... struck me to the heart it’s beautiful message of salvation made me fall in love with the story and the amazing love of my Savior all over again.

Stepping Heavenward. Elizabeth Prentiss (I love all of the Elizabeth Prentiss books I’ve read she is an amazing author.)
This was a Christmas present that I boringly wrinkled my nose at. However this story touches the heart deeply as it sinks to the root cause of so much of a girl’s life. I found this story not only inspiring but very true and accurate. It was inspiring and revealing all in one.

Hinds Feet in High Places and Mountain of Spices by Hannah Hurnard
This book illustrated the need for sorrow and suffering during a very difficult time in my life, when it seemed that was all there was. It showed me hope and inspired me to climb my mountains of fears, valleys of trembling and inspired me to soar onward through my struggles.

Ransomed. Elizabeth Ender.
This story is amazing and inspiring, short but stunning and beautiful. It’s full of life giving truth that challenge me and remind me of what He has done for me.

Sir Malcom and the Missing Prince.
I love this book. Oh, so much! It’s...wonderful. Why is it one of my favorites? The main character’s transformation is absolutely amazing and really a thought provoking picture of servanthood and the mindset we should have as children of the King.

Books that I love to read.
Only A Novel by Amy Dashwood.
I must confess. I’ve never had a comfort book in my entire life. You know that one book you read over and over and over again. It’s just not something I’ve ever done. However. Only A Novel has been an exception to that rule, I’ve read it through three times in the year or so I’ve owned it. Buy thineself a copy. You will never regret it.

Author Bio: Jessica Greyson, a homeschool graduate loves words, first as a hungry reader, and now as a passionate writer. She seeks to write for the glory of God, and be the writer He has called her to be. When she is not writing, Jessica is daydreaming, serving coffee and lattes at her job—while people watching, spending time with her wonderful family, taking pictures, listening to music, and trying to keep up with all of her amazing friends.

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  1. I was skimming these favorite book posts and saw this one - started through it and quickly realized I recognized this list. XD Maybe next year I'll get my list put together...enjoyed seeing yours, though, Jessica! :D