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Tialla Rising: Holding the Future Hostage

Holding the Future Hostage: The Legacy of the Ruby Vial

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Age Appropriate For: 14 and up
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Description: A Teenage Beauty... A Magic Bottle... A Criminal... A Universe of Pursuit. When a teenage girl finds an enchanting perfume Vial, her world is thrown into chaos. Friends become enemies; enemies become friends. Trust is what she needs most - and what she can't find. Through a series of deadly experiences, she discovers that this Vial plays a vital role in deciding the fate of many. Murder and betrayal surround her - hundreds try to claim her very life. A test of determination awaits.... Will she survive? Visions of the future, attacks, kidnappings, travel, explosions, and murder fill this page-turning novel with suspense and surprise.

I find myself stepping out of my reading comfort zones a lot lately for the sake of Homeschool Authors. I am finding that like more genres than I thought I would, because homeschool authors are reclaiming many of them and using them to share their faith. How cool is that?
This book is hard to classify. It has elements of contemporary fiction, fantasy, sci-fi and even a little time travel. So yes, this book goes into a category all its own. For those who like books that are different from anything you have ever read, this is a great choice.

Before I get to what I like about it, let me explain the reason I gave it three stars. The biggest reason is that I found some of the concepts in this book weird. For those who like magical fantasy, or read more traditional Sci-Fi, I doubt you will have any trouble with this story. I, on the other hand, don’t read those genres much, because I find them weird.

The other thing that I struggled with (which is most likely related to the first reason) is that the book felt a little long in places. Most of the time, it kept me turning pages. However, a couple times it felt repetitive or overlong.

Before you think I hated it, let me assure you that I did not. Tialla Rising’s talent is very clear. I mean, I didn’t like some of the main elements in the story, yet I didn’t hate the story. I would even buy another book of hers if it wasn’t fantasy.

Virginia was by far my favorite part of the book. I just loved the voice she had in telling the story. She was very normal and reacted how I assume most of us would react if we were thrown into an adventure with guns, lightning and being kidnapped several times. Virginia kept me reading, because I liked her so much.
This book also had non-stop action. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, wondering what was coming next. Although, as I said, some parts felt long, it wasn’t boring. Adventure lovers will love this story.
I have to admit, I was very pleasantly surprised that there was no romance. None. Nada. Not even a hint. How nice to read a book about teens that didn’t include passionate romance. It was another thing that made Tialla’s book so nice.

Overall I recommend this book to fantasy and Sci-Fi lovers, or those who love clean adventures.

I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review. I was under no obligation to write a positive review. The opinions in this review are entirely my own.

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